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January 1, 2017

April 2017

ANSA (Italy): The supernova that is bending over backwards (4.22.17)

Sputnik (France): A supernova detected in four places at the same time? (4.22.17)

HPCwire: NERSC Cori Shows the World How Many-Cores for the Masses Works (4.21.17)

ABC Science (Spain): Hubble captures a rare supernova multiplied by a space-time "magnifying glass" (4.21.17)

Tech Times: Astronomers Get Rare View Of Type Ia Supernova Magnified 50 Times (4.21.17)

Phys.Org: Rare supernova discovery ushers in new era for cosmology (4.20.17)

International Business Times: Extremely unlikely twist of fate reveals supernova's secrets through gravity lens (4.20.17)

AGU EoS: A New Data Set to Keep a Sharper Eye on Land-Air Exchanges (4.20.17)

Daily Mail: 'Major breakthrough' as supernova four billion light years from Earth is captured from four different angles in a stunning world first (4.20.17)

The Mercury News: Extreme sea-level rise could wreak havoc on California coast, experts warn (4.18.17)

Daily Breeze: Extreme sea-level rise could wreak havoc on coast, state experts warn (4.15.17)

Top500: Berkeley Lab Supercomputer Breaks New Ground in Quantum Computing Simulation (4.12.17)

MIT Tech Review: Supercomputer Simulation Offers Peek at the Future of Quantum Computers (4.11.17)

Newsweek: Quantum Computing is Going Commercial with the Potential to Disrupt Everything (4.9.17)

O'Reily Bots Podcast: Prabhat on deep learning for science (4.3.17)

March 2017

HPCwire: Shyh Wang Hall Achieves LEED Gold Certification (3.30.17)

ACM Technews: Berkeley Lab Researchers Target Chem Code for Knights Landing (3.28.17)

insideHPC: Berkeley Lab Tunes NWChem for Intel Xeon Phi Processor (3.27.17)

Science & Tech Research News: Chemists ID Catalytic ‘Key’ for Converting CO2 to Methanol (3.27.17)

HPCwire: Berkeley Lab Researchers Target Chem Code for Knights Landing (3.26.17)

Phys.Org: Chemists ID catalytic 'key' for converting CO2 to methanol (3.23.16)

AZO Cleantech: Scientists Get One Step Closer to Ultra-Thin Silicon Solar Cells with Higher Efficiency (3.20.17)

insideHPC: SDSC Seismic Simulation Software Exceeds 10 Petaflops on Cori Supercomputer (3.07.17)

Scroll (India): A repeat of the 2015 Andhra-Telangana heat wave that killed 2,500 people is 10 times more likely now (3.06.17)

BIDS (Blog): Searchable Datasets in Python: Images across Domains, Experiments, Algorithms, and Learning (3.03.17)

insideHPC: Horst Simon to Present “Supercomputers and Superintelligence” at PASC17 in Lugano (3.03.17)

February 2017

insideHPC: Artificial Intelligence: It’s No Longer Science Fiction (2.27.17)

Top500: Burst Buffers Accelerate Scientific Discovery at NERSC (2.23.17)

Latin Post: High Resolution Weather Models Can Predict Extreme Weather Conditions Until The End Of 21st Century (2.19.17)

insideHPC: XGC Fusion Code Selected for all 3 Pre-exascale Supercomputers (2.19.17)

Huffington Post: Rising Temperatures To Bring More Droughts And Floods (2.16.17)

Daily Mail: New study reveals 30 foot high 'megawaves' are more common than thought - and could soon put coastal towns at risk (2.15.17)

Phys.Org: Researchers catch extreme waves with higher-resolution modeling (2.15.17)

Science Daily: Extreme waves caught with higher-resolution modeling (2.15.17)

HPCwire: LBNL Develops Machine Learning Tool for Alloy Research (2.14.17)

Daily Cal: 3 UC Berkeley professors elected to National Academy of Engineering (2.13.17)

Science Node: Mind the Gap: Speaking like a cybersecurity pro (2.10.17)

Engineering Materials: Machine learning accurately predicts metallic defects (2.07.17) 

Phys.Org: Machine learning method accurately predicts metallic defects (2.06.17)

Phys.Org: Researchers model superluminous supernova in 2-D for the first time (2.03.17)

Daily Mail: The incredible image of a psychedelic supernova: Researchers simulate superluminous stellar explosion in 2D (2.03.17)

Science Daily: Researchers Run Simulations to Find New Electrolyte Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries (2.02.17) 

AZO Clean Tech: Researchers Run Simulations to Find New Electrolyte Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries (2.02.17) 

January 2017

Phys.Org: Researchers simulate the design of new quantum bits for easier engineering of quantum computers  (1.24.17)

insideHPC: Video: Modern Code – Making the Impossible Possible (1.20.17)

News Medical: Researchers generate structural models for protein families with metagenomic sequences (1.20.17)

National Geographic: A Climate Paradox: Rising Temperatures to Bring More Droughts and Floods (1.19.17)

Science Daily: Seeking structure with metagenome sequences (1.19.17)

The Register: 100 Gbps link to Europe lights up to delight researchers (1.18.17)

HPCwire: Richard Gerber Named Head of NERSC’s HPC Department (1.18.17)

InsideHPC: Supercomputing Sheds Light on Leaf Study (1.7.17)

Primeur Magazine: Diamond shines in molecular dynamics simulations (1.6.17)

FedTech: Flash Storage Could Boost Performance and Lower Costs for Feds (1.4.17)

HPCwire: BioTeam’s Berman Charts 2017 HPC Trends in Life Sciences (1.4.17)

Science Node: A day in the life of a molecular machine (1.1.17) 

Yahoo! News: Global warming made Australia's record-breaking, sizzling summer 50 times more likely (3.01.17)