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January 1, 2018

July 2018

insideHPC: Extreme Scale Deep Learning at NERSC (7.15.18)

insideHPC: Podcast: Deep Learning for Scientific Data Analysis (7.15.18)

HPCwire: ‘Big Data Challenges and Advanced Computing Solutions’ Focus of House Committee Meeting (7.14.18)

ECN Magazine: Researcher Discusses IceCube Neutrino Sensor Array (7.12.18)

insideHPC: Video: Kathy Yelick from LBNL Testifies at House Hearing on Big Data Challenges and Advanced Computing (7.12.18)

MIT Tech Review: The US may have just pulled even with China in the race to build supercomputing’s next big thing (7.12.18)

MyScience: Q&A: Berkeley Lab’s Spencer Klein Talks About IceCube Then and Now, and What’s Next (7.12.18)

R&D Magazine: Researchers Use Supercomputers to Assess Earthquake Risk (7.10.18)

ASCR Discovery: Structural Analysis  (7.10.18)

Phys.Org: Scientists dig deep to track down California's ever-changing groundwater supply (7.09.18)

Enterprise Tech: High Performance Data Storage: Keeping Up with Runaway Data Growth (7.09.18)

AXIOS: Go deeper: "Human fingerprint" on California's blistering heat wave (7.09.18)

June 2018

Homeland Security Newswire: New simulations show potential impact of major quakes by building location, size (6.29.18)

Interactions.org: A Month in the Life  (6.27.18)

Washington Post: The U.S. once again has the world’s fastest supercomputer. Keep up the hustle (6.25.18)

HPCwire: Get with the Program at ISC 2018 (6.25.18)

The Register: Big Blue's Summit super sits, aptly, at the peak of official Top500 beast list (6.25.18)

iTWire: US regains top position in latest TOP500 supercomputer list  (6.25.18)

Xinhua: IBM's Summit becomes world's fastest supercomputer  (6.25.18)

Communications of the ACM: Machine Learning Tools Generate Metadata for Science Data Searches (06.19.18)

Phys.Org: Researchers use machine learning to search science data (06.19.18)

AZO Materials: Researchers Develop Modern NMR Models for Oil and Gas (06.18.18)

World Oil: Rice University engineers advance NMR models for oil and gas  (06.15.18)

Space Daily: New model sheds light on key physics of magnetic islands that halt fusion reactions (06.11.18)

Interactions.org: Cosmic Microwave Whatnow? (06.08.18)

Photonics Online: New Algorithm Enhances Ptychographic Image Reconstruction  (06.04.18)

San Francisco Business Times: New partnership between UCSF and National Labs turns supercomputing power toward treatment of traumatic brain injury  (06.01.18)

May 2018

insideHPC: Interview: What’s in store for SCinet at SC18 (05.25.18)

Primeur Weekly: Self-healing cement could be a boon to oil & gas industry - Simulations run at NERSC show how this unique material functions  (05.24.18)

KPVI: ISU Research Team Earns Fellowship to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (05.21.18)

insideHPC: Let’s Talk Exascale: Making Software Development more Efficient (05.14.18)

PC World: Intel's Loihi roadmap calls for its brain chips to be as 'smart' as a mouse by 2019 (05.14.18)

HPCWire: Data Management at NERSC in the Era of Petascale Deep Learning (05.09.18)

Interactions.org: Cosmic Microwave Whatnow? (05.08.18)

insideHPC: Let’s Talk Exascale: Thom Dunning on Molecular Modeling with NWCHEMEX (05.04.18)

Daily Cal: Jupyter computing platform, created by UC Berkeley professor, wins Software System Award (05.03.18)

April 2018

insideHPC: Video: Addressing Key Science Challenges with Adversarial Neural Networks (04.18.18)

TechCrunch: Department of Energy hosts competition to train cyber defense warriors (4.09.18)

insideHPC: Jon Bashor Retires After 27 Years of Service to National Labs (4.09.18)

HPCwire: Jon Bashor Retires After 27 Years of Service to National Labs  (4.09.18)

Brookhaven National Laboratory: Accelerating Scientific Discovery Through Code Optimization on Many-Core Processors (4.06.18)

The Atlantic: The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete, Here's What's Next (4.05.18)

March 2018

IEEE Spectrum: Cyber Defense Tool Is an Early Warning System for Grid Attacks (3.27.18)

DEXIS Magazine: Complex simulations are unraveling the idiosyncrasies of this unique liquid’s behavior (3.27.18)

Science Node: Into the Medical Science DMZ (3.23.18)

InsideHPC: Overcoming Roadblocks in Computational Networks (3.20.18)

HPCwire: Deep Learning at 15 PFlops Enables Training for Extreme Weather Identification at Scale (3.19.18)

Technology Networks: Living on the Edge: Supercomputing Powers Protein Analysis (3.13.18)

R&D Magazine: A Game Changer: Metagenomic Clustering Powered by Supercomputers (3.12.18)

The Next Platform: The Roadmap Ahead For Exascale HPC In The US (3.06.18)

insideHPC: High Speed Connection to Hyades Supercomputer wins CENIC Innovation Award (3.06.18)

Gizmodo: Researchers Devise a New Way to Solve Long-Standing Mystery About the Universe (3.03.18)

Phys.Org: Can strongly lensed type Ia supernovae resolve one of cosmology's biggest controversies? (3.01.18)

February 2018

Business Wire: CENIC Recognizes UCSC’s Hyades Supercomputer Cluster Connection to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Computing Center (2.28.18)

GCN: Machine learning with limited data (2.23.18)

Science Node: How to WIN at networking (2.21.18)

Hudson Valley One: Vassar’s Grace Murray Hopper invented the COBOL programming language (2.21.18)

insideClimateNews: East Coast Shatters Temperature Records, Offering Preview to a Warming World (2.21.18)

HPCWire: Physics Data Processing at NERSC Dramatically Cuts Reconstruction Time (2.14.18)

R&D100: NWChem “Best Paper” Demonstrates Many-Core Strong Scaling for HPC and Computational Chemistry Applications  (2.14.18)

insideHPC: State-Of-The-Art Machine Learning Algorithms and Near-Term Technology Trends (2.13.18)

Phys.Org: Solving the dark energy mystery: A new assignment for a 45-year-old telescope (2.12.18)

Lab Manager Magazine: Hayward Fault Earthquake Simulations Increase Fidelity of Ground Motions (2.09.18)

insideHPC: Reconstructing Nuclear Physics Experiments with Supercomputers (2.08.18)

insideHPC: Hayward Fault Earthquake Simulations Increase Fidelity of Ground Motions (2.08.18)

Pleasanton Weekly: One-in-three chance Hayward fault will rupture with a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in next 30 years (2.08.18)

Science Daily: Earthquake simulations of California's Hayward fault (2.08.18) 

insideHPC: Let’s Talk Exascale Podcast looks at Parallel I/O with ExaHDF5 (2.05.18)

January 2018

Primeur Magazine: Berkeley Lab researchers contribute to making blockchains even more robust (1.30.18)

Phys.Org: Networking, data experts design a better portal for scientific discovery (1.29.18)

HPCwire: Networking, Data Experts Design a Better Portal for Scientific Discovery (1.29.18)

insideHPC: Engineering a Better Portal for Scientific Discovery (1.29.18)

The Next Platform: The Hard Limits for Deep Learning in HPC (1.26.18)

SIAM News: Interns use math to understand health, well-being, and life-threatening ailments (1.25.18)

AZO Materials: Mystery of a Multiplier Mechanism in an Organic Crystal Solved (1.25.18)

SIAM News: Doctoral Students Apply Passion for Mathematics to Nuclear Research, Cosmology, and Microscopy (1.18.18)

insideHPC: ECP Launches “Let’s Talk Exascale” Podcast (1.10.18)

Science Magazine: After years of avoidance, Department of Energy joins quest to develop quantum computers (1.10.18)

insideHPC: Berkeley Lab-led Collaborations win HPC Innovation Awards (1.09.18)

SLAC Lab News: Q&A: Alan Heirich and Elliott Slaughter Take On SLAC’s Big Data Challenges (1.09.18)

insideHPC: Video: Deep Learning for Science (1.05.18)

HPCwire: Supercomputer Simulations Allow Researchers to Understand Characteristics of Diamonds (1.05.18)