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InTheLoop | 07.07.2014

July 7, 2014

Computing Sciences Staff Talk About Climate Data Deluge

Climate science is one of the most data-intensive fields of research, with climate data sets currently measured on a scale of terabytes, and within a few short years are expected to be petabytes. To get ahead of the deluge the Department of Energy's Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)Internet2, Indiana University and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric (NOAA), are brining together network experts and scientists in the domain of international climate sciences to discuss their most pressing network-related issues and requirements at a Focused Technical Workshop on Climate Science in Boulder, Colo. from July 14-16. Among the invited speakers sharing their experiences and expertise in managing, accessing and analyzing climate data are staff from ESnet and Berkley Lab's Computational Research Division»Read more

Dosanjh and Shalf Present at HPC 2014 Conference 

This week, Sudip Dosanjh and John Shalf are presenting at the HPC 2014 Conference in Cetraro, Italy. The conference brings together leading high performance computing researchers from around the world to discuss clouds, big data and exascale computing. Dosanjh's talk "Big Computing, Big Data, Big Science" addresses the growing importance of data-intensive science at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). Dosanjh also serves on the conference's program committee. Shalf will talk about "Exascale Programming Challenges: Adjusting to the New Normal for Computer Architecture." »Read more

NERSC@40: HPC Fuels Decades of Energy Discoveries

From materials research to solar power, here's a look back at how NERSC resources help shed light on new solutions to our nation's energy needs. »Read more

Link of the Week: How Not to Attract Women to Coding

Women are grossly underrepresented in engineering and computer science careers, a fact that is attracting an increasing amount of attention. Since May, a number of tech companies, among them Google and Facebook, have released their lagging diversity figures, accompanied by pledges to bridge the gender divide. But, how? One piece of advice featured in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle: "Don't Make Tech Pink." »Read more