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This historical archive contains issues dating back to InTheLoop's launch in 1997. To display a particular year's issues, select "Filter by Year" and choose the desired year from the drop-down menu. For the most recent issues, visit our current issues page.

InTheLoop | 08.02.2010

August 9, 2010

NERSC and LLNL Are First U.S. Stops for LHC’s ALICE Data || CS Summer Student Program Presentations on Thursday, August 5 || Wright and Zheng Talk at Workshop on Heavily Threaded Systems || John Shalf Giving Invited Talk at HEC FSIO Workshop || LBNL Staff Are Contributing to Two CScADS Summer Workshops || Par Lab Boot Camp Scheduled for August 16–18 || CS Division Office Needs Administrative Assistant || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of Week: A New View of Why Women Shun Science Careers Read More »

InTheLoop | 07.26.2010

July 26, 2010

Simulations Show That “Sweaty” Flowers Cool the World || The Trouble with Multicore || NERSC Systems Will Be Down for a Power Upgrade This Week || Lab Wins Two “OASCRs” at SciDAC 2010 Visualization Night || CS Introduces High Schoolers to Careers in Computing, Networking || ASCR HQ Posts Job Vacancies for Scientists and Mathematicians || CRD Researchers to Speak at International Combustion Symposium || LBNL Staff Contribute to CScADS Summer Workshops || UC Discovery Grant Request for Proposals || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: Obama Urges Federal Workers to Commute Less Read More »

InTheLoop | 07.19.2010

July 19, 2010

LBNL Contributes Expertise to New Amazon Web Services Offering || Berkeley Lab Hosts Weeklong Workshop on Cloud Computing || The Role of Exascale Computing in Energy Security || The Green Corollary to Moore’s Law || Berkeley Lab Staff Contribute to SIAM Annual Meeting || More Conference Presentations by NERSC and CRD Staff || Early Career Research Program Town Hall Meeting on Friday || Access to Yahoo! Cloud Cluster Is Available || Par Lab Boot Camp Scheduled for August 16–18 || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables Read More »

InTheLoop | 07.12.2010

July 12, 2010

Planck Mission Delivers First All-Sky Image || SciDAC 2010 Conference and Tutorials This Week || NERSC Annual Report Is Now Online || Wright and Skinner Co-Author Book Chapter on IPM || SLAC to Host Extremely Large Databases Conference October 6–7 || Link of the Week: Dream-Logic, the Internet and Artificial Thought Read More »

InTheLoop | 07.06.2010

July 6, 2010

FLUXNET Helps Provide Insights into the Global Carbon Cycle || For Platinum Catalysts, Smaller May be Better || Lab Announces New International Center for Computational Science || Computational Science Summer School to Be Held Aug. 2–6 at NERSC || Vis Researchers Win Best Paper at Eurographics Symposium || Safety Tip: Use Care When Opening and Closing Windows || CMD-IT Encourages Minorities and People with Disabilities in IT || Link of the Week: IBM’s Watson Plays “Jeopardy!” Read More »

InTheLoop | 06.28.2010

June 28, 2010

Horst Simon Is Interviewed for “Modeling the World” Website || Four Computing Magazines Interview Kathy Yelick and John Shalf || Berkeley Team Wins Best Paper at Cloud Computing Conference || NERSC and HDF Group Optimize HDF5 Library to Speed Up I/O || Building 50D Demolition Is Beginning Soon || Shreyas Cholia Giving Talk on Web Gateways at SciPy 2010 || Ergonomic Tip: Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts || Apply Now for Participation Grants to Attend SC10 || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Read More »

IntheLoop | 06.21.2010

June 21, 2010

CRD Researchers Get $4 Million for Energy-Related Research || Astrophysics Code Scales to Over 200,000 Processors || Cray CEO Peter Ungaro Outlines Future Directions in Talk at NERSC || CS Staff Co-Author Posters at HotPar ’10 || CS Staff Play Key Roles in VECPAR’10 and Workshops || CS Staff Contribute to HPDC, OGF29, and ScienceCloud in Chicago || Self-Assessment Forms Are Due This Friday || Safety Suggestions Lead to Pit Stairway Improvements || NERSC Has Opening for Web Application Developer || Wednesday Is Deadline to Apply for Grace Hopper Conference Funding || Aerobatic Cecilia Aragon Video Featured in the Other “In the Loop” || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: The Real Science Gap Read More »

InTheLoop | 06.14.2010

June 14, 2010

Why the U.S. Must Lead in Supercomputing || Berkeley Lab Team Receives NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award || “Magellan at NERSC” and 2008–09 NERSC Annual Report Now on the Web || CS Announces New Safety Competition || Top 10 Things to Know about the Google Calendar Transition || Summer Student Program Kicks Off with Lunch and Presentation This Thursday || CS Staff Contribute to Algorithms for Massive Data Sets Workshop || Ng and Li Are Invited Speakers at CERFACS Sparse Days Meeting || Funding Available to Attend Grace Hopper Conference || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: Ranking and Mapping Scientific Knowledge Read More »

InTheLoop | 06.07.2010

June 7, 2010

Cray CEO Peter Ungaro to Speak at NERSC on Thursday || Grace Hopper Will Power Science on NERSC’s New Cray XE6 || Data Acquisition and Coordination Key to Human Microbiome Project || Computers Give Insights into Generating Power Like the Sun || Energy-Efficient Supercomputing BoF Session Overflows at ISC10 || Oakland Tech Students Tour NERSC Machine Room, Get Souvenirs || Koniges Speaks at International Fusion Facility Modeling Workshop || ESnet Launches “Network Matters” Blog || Register Now for VECPAR’10, June 22–25 in Berkeley || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: The Situation of Sexism Read More »

InTheLoop | 06.01.2010

June 1, 2010

Shalf and Strohmaier Chairing Sessions at ISC; TOP500 List Released || Wehner Named Lead Author of Chapter in Next IPCC Climate Report || NERSC Authors Win Best Paper Award at Cray User Group Meeting || Microsoft Research Video Highlights ACS Work on Digital Watershed || CS Staff Contribute to ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference || Algorithms for Massive Data Sets Will Be Workshop Topic || Course Offered on Algorithms for Many-Core Processors || This Week’s Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: Why Computers Crash But We Don’t Read More »