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InTheLoop Historical Archive

This historical archive contains issues dating back to InTheLoop's launch in 1997. To display a particular year's issues, select "Filter by Year" and choose the desired year from the drop-down menu. For the most recent issues, visit our current issues page.

InTheLoop | 05.27.2014

May 27, 2014

In this Issue: Nobel Keynote Lecture Tomorrow: Warren Washington on Earth System Models || ESnet’s Brian Tierney, Jason Zurawski Co-Edit Journal Section on Network Measurement, Monitoring || Reminder: Arie Shoshani Retirement Party, June 5 || No Computing Sciences Seminars Scheduled This Week Read More »

InTheLoop | 05.19.2014

May 19, 2014

In this Issue–Tomorrow: Chemist John Kuriyan Kicks Off NERSC Nobel Keynotes || Employee Self-Assessment Workshops || Save the Date: Arie Shoshani Retirement Celebration || No Computing Sciences Seminar This Week || Link of the Week: Scientific Egg Hunt || Read More »

InTheLoop | 05.12.2014

May 12, 2014

In this Issue: Media Turn to CRD's Wehner to Explain Climate Change Impacts || ESnet Staff Speak at NSF Workshop on Campus Network Infrastructure for Science || Unat Organizes Workshop to Address Data Locality Challenges in Programming || Dosanjh, Antypas Take InsideHPC Under the Hood of NERSC's Next-Gen 'Cori' System 4 || Mark Your Calendars: NERSC Nobel Lectures Start Next Week || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminar Read More »

InTheLoop | 05.05.2014

May 5, 2014

In this Issue: NERSC, Cray, Intel Collaborate on Next-Gen Supercomputer || NERSC Sponsors Nobel Lecture Series || CRD's Michael Wehner a Lead Author on White House's 'Third National Climate Assessment' || D-Wave Representatives to Discuss Quantum Computing in May 6 Presentation || Atomic Switcheroo Explains Origins of Thin-Film Solar Cell Mystery || CS Staff to Speak at May 4-8 Cray Users Group Annual Meeting || CRD’s Sherry Li to Give Invited Talk at KAUST Workshop on Extreme Computing Algorithms || CRD’s Andrew Canning to Give Three Talks in Switzerland This Week || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: The 'Cosmos' Connection Read More »

InTheLoop | 04.28.2014

April 28, 2014

In this Issue: Calming Plasma's Stormy Seas NERSC, ESnet Show Best Side on Earth Day || Former CRD Post-doc Praises Lab Experience in Interview || ESnet’s Mike Bennett Retiring After 26 Years of Making Key Connections || CRT Construction to Impact Parking through May || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminar || Link of the Week: Nobel Minds Read More »

InTheLoop | 04.21.2014

April 21, 2014

In this Issue: Clocking the Early Universe's Expansion Rate || NERSC, CRD Security Experts Featured in New York Times Heartbleed Coverage || Michael Wehner Discusses Climate Change on Pacifica Radio || Tomorrow: Recycle Unwanted Electronics on Earth Day || Berkeley Lab Scientists Host 12 Albany Students for Annual Job Shadow Day || Alice Koniges Profiled by Scientific Computing || DOE Releases 2014 Strategic Plan || Remembering NERSC's Roots || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminars Read More »

InTheLoop | 04.14.2014

April 14, 2014

In this Issue: CRD Staff Host Albany HS Students || Daughters & Sons to Work Day is April 24 || Reminder: ESnet, NERSC Say 'Cheese' for NASA Earth Day Mosaic || ESnet’s Jason Zurawski Giving Two Talks on Improving Network Endpoint Performance || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: 'Big Data' Isn't Always Big || Read More »

InTheLoop | 04.07.2014

April 7, 2014

In this Issue:To Bridge LEDs’ Green Gap, Scientists Think Small…Really Small || 100 Gbps Test Link Sets Pace for Faster Trans-Atlantic Data Transfers || April 14 & 16: ESnet, NERSC Staff Invited to Say 'Cheese' for NASA Earth Day Mosaic || Greg Bell to Present ESnet Overview as Part of NIST’s IT Security Day || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminar || Link of the Week: NASA to Recreate Blue Marble Photo Using Earth Day 'Selfies' Read More »

InTheLoop | 03.31.2014

March 31, 2014

In this Issue: Steve Chu Talk Today || Human-induced Climate Change Reduces Chance of Flooding in Okavango Delta || CRD’s John Shalf Discusses Big Data with White House Staff || ESnet Staff Lead Research Networking Task Forces || Reminder: SC14 Technical Paper Abstracts due Friday, April 4 || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminars Read More »

InTheLoop | 03.24.2014

March 24, 2014

In this Issue: High-Speed Networks Democratize Science || Students Learn About the Math of Images from CRD's Dani Ushizima || Cray Blog Surveys Breadth of Edison's Science || Memorial Service for Suzanne Stevenson || This Week's Computing Sciences Seminars || Link of the Week: Shocked Physicist Learns His Big Bang Theory Is True Read More »