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Berkeley Lab to Showcase HPC and Networking Leadership in Talks, Demos at SC05

November 8, 2005

Computing and networking experts from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will share their leadership expertise via talks, technical papers and demonstrations at the SC05 conference to be held Nov. 12-18 in Seattle. Sidney Fernbach AwardJohn Bell, a senior staff mathematician and head of the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering at LBNL, has been named as the recipient of the 2005 Sidney Fernbach Award. The Fernbach Award is given by the IEEE… Read More »

Berkeley Lab’s John Bell Receives 2005 Sidney Fernbach Award

November 1, 2005

John Bell, a senior staff mathematician at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has been named as the recipient of the 2005 Sidney Fernbach Award. The Fernbach Award is given by the IEEE Computer Society for an outstanding contribution in the application of high performance computers using innovative approaches. The award was presented at the SC05 conference held Nov. 12- 18, 2005, in Seattle. “I am delighted to confirm that you have been selected… Read More »

Journal Features Climate Modeling Articles by CRD’s Chris Ding, Helen He

November 1, 2005

The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (IJHPCA) has dedicated its Fall 2005 issue to climate modeling, especially on the software design of the Community Climate System Model Helen He (CCSM). Among the contributing authors are CRD's Helen He and Chris Ding, who wrote an article on “Coupling Multicomponent Models with MPH on Distributed Memory Computer Architectures” and contributed to another on “CPL6: The New Extensible, High Performance Parallel… Read More »

CRD’s Brian Tierney Writes Article on Maximizing Network Throughput

November 1, 2005

Brian Tierney, a member of CRD’s Distributed Systems Department, has built a strong track record in analyzing the performance of networks and distributed computing systems. His Brian Tierney Netlogger toolkit allows users of distributed systems to analyze performance and locate bottlenecks which hamper the overall performance of a system. He recently shared his expertise in an article he wrote for OnLAMP.com. LAMP, an acronym used in Germany to define how MySQL is used in… Read More »

ACM Transactions Issue Dedicated to DOE’s ACTS Collection of HPC Tools

November 1, 2005

  Tony Drummond The Association of Computing Machinery dedicated the September 2005 issue of Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM TOMS) to the ACTS Collection. The DOE Advanced CompuTational Software (ACTS) Collection (http://acts.nersc.gov) comprises a set of tools mainly developed at the DOE laboratories. These software tools aim to simplify the solution of common and important computational problems and have substantially benefited a wide range of scientific and industrial… Read More »

CRD’s Barenblatt Wins Timoshenko Medal for Applied Mechanics

November 1, 2005

In November, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers presented Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt of CRD’s Mathematics Group with the Timoshenko Medal “for seminal contributions to nearly every area of solid and fluid mechanics, including fracture mechanics, turbulence, stratified flows, flames, flow in porous media, and the theory and application of intermediate asymptotics.” The Timoshenko Medal was established in 1957 and is conferred in recognition of distinguished… Read More »


Joshua Schrier Is Newest Alvarez Fellow in Computing Sciences

October 5, 2005

When Joshua Schrier thinks about how to explain his field of research to his parents, he knows that he won’t get far talking about selfconsistent fields, wave functions and how the interaction of electrons at the organic-inorganic interface affects the properties in nanocrystals. So, he tells them he’s working on research that could lead to more efficient and less expensive solar cells. As a post-doc in the Computational Research Division’s Scientific Computing Group, Schrier is working… Read More »

Latest Version of IMG Genome Analysis Tool Released

September 1, 2005

DOE has released an enhanced version of the Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG) data management system jointly developed by the Biological Data Management and Technology Center (BDMTC) in CRD and the Joint Genome Institute (JGI). The new version, IMG 1.2, contains 270 additional public genomes and nine (four finished, five draft) new JGI genomes, bringing the total number of genomes in IMG to 618 (318 bacterial, 25 archaeal, 15 eukaryotic, 260 bacterial phage), 40 of which are fin-… Read More »

CRD Staff Making Key Contributions to SC05 Conference in Seattle

September 1, 2005

When the global HPC community meets at the SC05 conference in Seattle in November, a number of LBNL staff members will be making significant contributions to the con- ference program. Four of the technical papers accepted by the conference were written principally by CRD staff and two oth- ers list LBNL researchers are co-authors. Here is a list of the papers with LBNL contri- butions: “Analyzing Ultra-Scale Application Communication Requirements for a Reconfigurable Hybrid… Read More »

CRD Mathematicians Help Launch New Math Journal

July 1, 2005

Four LBNL mathematicians John Bell, Phil Colella, Alexandre Chorin and James Sethian – are members of the editorial team which has launched Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (CAMCoS). Other editors are Marsha Berger and Leslie Greengard of the Courant Institute, Rupert Klein of the Freie Universitaet Berlin, and Raz Kupferman of the Hebrew University. Bell, who is head of CRD’s Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering, is managing editor. … Read More »