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Server Installation

December 31, 2010

Trever Nightingale of NERSC has been recognized with a SPOT Award for the best CS Safety Suggestion for September-December, 2010. Nightingale reported a Near Miss where a server came close to hitting his head during installation in a rack. When the rack was originally installed, the servers were shorter, and maneuvering them was not so difficult. Because the rack is installed flush with the wall in a server room, and secured to the floor for seismic bracing, it cannot be readily moved. There… Read More »


NERSC's Computer Room

August 3, 2010

A NERSC Division employee has been recognized with a SPOT Award for the best CS Safety Suggestion or Near Miss for July-August, 2010: Rei Lee of the Storage Systems Group identified an issue with cardboard occasionally piling up in the computer room as new systems arrived. The cardboard posed a potential safety issue and Rei suggested that the cardboard be regularly removed from the area. As a result, NERSC has added metal storage bins, removes excess material regularly, and stores supplies in… Read More »


Pit Stairway Improvements

June 1, 2010

Computing Sciences staff recently reported that many of the lights on the pit stairs were not working, and that several of the steps were dangerously unstable. These issues were entered into the Corrective Action Tracking System, and after interim repairs to the stairway lights, an entirely new lighting system was installed. The steps have been made stable, and are awaiting more permanent repair. Lighting and structural  improvements were made to "pit" parking area after three CRD… Read More »