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Margie Wylie

Margie head 2016
Margie Wylie (she/her)
web coordinator and digital media producer
Phone: +1 510 486 6029

Margie Wylie is the Computing Sciences Area (CS Area) web coordinator at Berkeley Lab and a digital media producer. She leads the strategy, development, and content coordination for websites and produces multimedia projects including video, audio, and other digital media, such as immersive 3-D tours and interactive timelines

CS Area staff can request her help with web, video, audio, graphics, and photography projects. Just put in a ticket at cscommshelp.freshdesk.com to discuss your needs.

Wylie joined the CS Area communications team in 2010. She was previously a journalist, most recently for the Newhouse News Service, where she served as the National Correspondent for Science and Technology in the Washington D.C. bureau. Prior to that, she was an assistant business editor for technology at the San Jose Mercury News and an editor at CNET’s News.com, one of the first 24/7 web-only news operations. It was at CNET that the multimedia bug bit. There she helped produced some of the first-ever video and audio reports for online consumption. Between her journalism career and the lab, Wylie spent a few years at a San Francisco marketing agency working primarily with high-tech clients.

In the heady early days of digital media and the Internet (when the "Information Superhighway" was rare and mysterious), she had great fun appearing in broadcast television coverage of email privacy on CBS 60 Minutes and Internet privacy in a PBS Frontline documentary, as well as putting in semi-regular appearances on Silicon Spin, a program produced by the dearly departed TechTV cable channel. Although Wylie’s days of on-camera work are well behind her, she still enjoys producing media-rich content of all kinds from the other side of the lens, microphone, and desktop.

She's also a collector (and reckless wielder) of vintage film cameras, including her favorites, a Nikon FM2n and a Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex medium-format.