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Workforce Diversity

Within Computing Sciences (CS), we recognize that managing diversity requires a comprehensive approach to creating a work environment that values all people and empowers employees to reach their full potential in pursuit of Computing Sciences and Laboratory goals and objectives. Computing Sciences hiring practices encourage diversity and help to develop a diverse workforce.

Staff members also work with Bay Area schools, support conferences and volunteer with outside programs to help develop the next generation of scientists and engineers and, in particular, strive to engage members of under-represented groups. The links below illustrate the breadth of these efforts.

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PHOTOSTORY: The Next Generation of Computer Scientists

July 28, 2010

  The Next Generation of Computing: Students from the Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences Careers in Computing Camp pose in front of NERSC's Cray XT5 Supercomputer "Franklin." As part of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's commitment to mentor the next generation of scientists, the Computing Sciences Directorate hosted 14 local high school students as part of an outreach program to introduce students to various career options in scientific computing and networking. The sessions… Read More »