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January 1, 2013


Phys.Org:Supercomputers capture turbulence in the solar wind (12.20.13)

ISGTWThrowing a lifeline to scientists drowning in data  (12.18.13)

Scientific ComputingSupercomputers Capture Turbulence in the Solar Wind, could Help Forecast Destructive Space Weather (12.17.13)

Federal Computer WeekAgencies eye the possibilities of SDN (12.16.13)

IEEE CommunicationsMonitoring and Troubleshooting Multi-Domain Networks Using Measurement Federations (12.13.13) PDF

Scientific Computing: Meeet HPC Innovator Taghrid Samak (12.13.13)

Science World Report:Unusual supercomputer design poised to make climate change forecasts more accurate (12.09.13)

ISGTW: Unusual supercomputer design poised to make climate change forecasts more accurate (12.04.13)


DEXIS Magazine: Big Data Hits Beamline(11.26.13)

InfoWorld: Top500 shows growing inequality in supercomputing power (11.21.13)

PC World: Growing inequality in supercomputing power (11.20.13)

Linux.Com: New 'Real-World' Benchmark Could Shake Up Top500 Supercomputer List (11.20.13)

Scientific American: How Supercomputers Will Yield a Golden Age of Materials Science (11.20.13)

WIRED: Chinese Supercomputer Is Still the World’s Most Powerful (11.18.13)

Computer World: China still has the fastest supercomputer in the world(11.18.13)

EE Times: China Retains Lead in Supercomputers(11.18.13)

WIRED: One Man’s Dream to Build a Supercomputer From Cellphone Chips (11.15.13)

PHYS.ORG: DOE awards $25.4 million for 'extreme scale' supercomputer interconnect design (11.15.13)

R&D Magazine: Study uses neutron scattering, supercomputing to demystify biofuel production (11.14.13)

SDN Central:Brocade, Infinera, and ESnet Demo Multilayer Provisioning and Network Optimization with SDN (11.12.13)

Scientific Computing: Scientists See Better Climate Models, Warmer Future (11.0413)

insideHPC: Interview: NERSC Upgrades to DDN SFA for Centralized Storage(11.0313)


Fierce Government: Cray Supercomputers Making a Comeback, Thanks to Rise of Big Data (10.20.13)

Daily Finance: Cray Supercomputers Making a Comeback, Thanks to Rise of Big Data (10.20.13)

HPCwire: Infinera and Brocade Collaborate with ESnet (10.17.13)

Phys.OrgCHERuB connection to accelerate data-driven science at UC San Diego (10.16.13)

Wall Street Journal: Infinera and Brocade Collaborate With ESnet to Demonstrate 100G Multilayer Network Optimization Using SDN (10.15.13)

Converge! Network DigestInfinera, Brocade and ESnet Collaborate on 100G Multilayer SDN (10.15.13)

LightReading: Infinera, Brocade and ESnet Team on SDN Multi-Layer Provisioning Demo (10.15.13)

CS Compound Semiconductor: Infinera and partners demonstrate 100G multilayer network (10.15.13)

HPCWire: NERSC User Martin Karplus Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry (10.10.13)

UX Magazine: Exploring the Brain Through Experience Design: How UX Can Help Us Rethink Our Views of the Brain (10.10.13)

ClimateWire: Tailored computers could improve climate models, researchers say (10.04.13) PDF

C&EN News: Global Warming Affirmations (10.03.13)

HPCwire: TOP500 Founder Erich Strohmaier on the List's Evolution (10.03.13)

Hispanic Business.com: New Workshop Series Offers Hands-on Training in Software Defined Networking, Science DMZ and perfSONAR (10.02.13)

Scientific Computing: Clot Busting Simulations Test Potential Stroke Treatment (10.01.13)

HPCwire: Supercomputing Targets Cleaner Combustion (10.01.13)


Phys.Org: Climate Scientists See Better Climate Models, Warmer Future (9.30.13)

HPCwireSupercomputer Bolsters Innovative Stroke Research (9.25.13)

Energy.Gov: 10 Questions for a Scientist: Erich Strohmaier (9.24.13)

Packet Pushers: OpenSource perfSONAR Finds the Flaws Impacting the Flows (9.23.13)

HPCwire: Supercomputing Enables Climate Time Machine (9.23.13)

InsideHPC: Kathy Yelick on Helping Supercomputing Users Get Science Out of Their Data (9.23.13)

Scientific Computing: Applying the Magic of Mathematics to Solve Supercomputing Problems (9.20.13)

R&D Magazine: In Water as in Love, Likes Can Attract (9.19.13)

DOE Office of Science: Eye-Opening Possibilities in Imaging (9.18.13)

HPCWire: The Math-Supercomputing Connection (9.17.13)

Lake County News: Earth News: New Model of Earth's Interior Reveals Clues to Hotspot Volcanoes (9.14.13) 

Government Computer News: A Better Way for Supercomputers to Search Large Datasets (9.9.13)

InsideHPC: Working Group Brings Energy Efficiency to HPC (9.4.13)

ASCR Discovery: Berkeley Lab Research Applies Graph Theory to Biofuels Research (9.4.13)


New Scientist:  Yosemite Rim Fire is Taste of Things to Come (8.28.13)

Scientific Computing: At NERSC, Scalable Storage for Big Data Leads to Big Science Breakthroughs (8.15.13)

Scientific Computing: Global Filesystem Delivers High Bandwidth, High Volume, Low Response Time (8.15.13)

ISGTW: Could Social Networks Enable Stealthy Bacterial Communication? (8.14.13)

HPCWire: Data Management Expert Receives Berkeley Lab Lifetime Achievement Award (8.14.13)

Scientific Computing : Throwing a Lifeline to Scientists Drowning in Data (8.05.13)

Photonics Online: 3D IR Images Now in Full Color (8.05.13)

ACM TechNews: Throwing a Lifeline to Scientists Drowning in Data (8.2.13)


Eureka! Alert: Graphene 'onion rings' have delicious potential (7.18.13)

NetworkWorld: Start-up Morphs Open Source Security System for Research Networks Into Commercial Platform (7.16.13)

Berkeley Science Review: New computers resolve clouds while keeping cool (7.15.13)

ZDnet: PaRSEC: Designing software for the exascale supercomputer generation (7.12.13)

Oakland Tribune: Berkeley lab looks to cloud for large scale energy savings (7.10.13)

R&D Magazine: Berkeley Lab wins eight 2013 R&D 100 Awards (7.09.13)

HPCWire: Berkeley Lab Wins Eight 2013 R&D 100 Awards (7.08.13)

PhysOrg: Thriving tundra bushes add fuel to Northern thaw (7.04.13)


The Register: HPC geeks ponder 100 petafloppers and quantum supercomputers (6.24.13)

NPR Science Friday: A Calculating Win for China's New Supercomputer (6.21.13)

InfoWorld: Powering Los Angeles one cloud migration at a time (6.21.13)

HPCwire: Five Leading National Research and Education Networks Launch Competition (6.20.13)

ComputerWeekly: Moving business apps to the cloud can yield power savings, shows study (6.20.13)

NatureWorldNews: New Look at Type 1a Supernova Raises the Bar for Future Study of the Explosive Events (6.19.13)

RedOrbit: Supernova Becomes 'Gold-Standard' Of Normalcy (6.19.13)

IBT: Supernova 2011fe is Remarkably Normal, Becomes Standard For Future Research (6.19.13)

CS Monitor: Bizarre supernova completely normal in every way, find astronomers (6.19.13)

Science Magazine: Podcast: China's Supercomputer Regains No. 1 Ranking (6.18.13)

Gizmodo: China Has the World's Fastest Supercomputer (And It's 2x Fast as Ours) (6.17.13)

CSMonitor: China supercomputer clocks in as world's most powerful (6.17.13)

CNET: Chinese Supercomputer Tops Charts—two years early (6.17.13)

SingaEnglish: China regains top spot on fastest supercomputer list (6.17.13)

HPCWire: Podcast: A Conversation with the Founding Fathers of HPC (6.17.13)

Wired.Co.UK: China knocks US off 'world's fastest supercomputer' top spot again (6.17.13)

EON: Intel Powers the World's Fastest Supercomputer, Reveals New and Future HPC Technologies (6.17.13)

Wired: China Could Supplant U.S. as the Supercomputing Superpower (6.14.13)

Scientific American: Cloud Computing Saves Energy (6.12.13)

ICT Business: Il cloud fa risparmiare anche le piccole aziende (6.12.13)

Xatakaon: Google y Berkeley Lab dicen que la nube ahorra energía (6.12.13)

CloudTech: Cloud computing saves energy on huge scale, says new study—but how? (6.12.13)

Green Computing Report: Study Quantifies Cloud's Energy-Savings Potential (6.12.13)

Green Biz: Move to the cloud? Benchmark your company's energy savings (6.12.13)

The Register: Report: Cloud could slash biz software energy use by 87% (6.11.13)

SmartDataCollective: Very Big Data Will Transform Science (6.11.13)

UPI.com: Study: Moving business software to cloud promises big energy savings (6.11.13)

Forbes: Will Cloud Computing Kill The Server Market? (6.11.13)

Forbes: A Google-Funded Study Quantifies Cloud Computing's Environmental Benefits (6.11.13)

GigaOm: Cloud computing saves energy, and here's the data to show it (6.11.13)

HPCSource: Big Data: It's not Just Big (6.10.13)

HPCWire: The Network as a Scientific Instrument (6.10.13)

Live Science: Deadly Heat Waves Intensify as Summers Sizzle (Op-Ed) (6.7.13)

The Register: EU-US nets get 100 Gbps Atlantic connection (6.4.13)

HPCwire: World's First Intercontinental 100 Gbps Link for Research and Education Demonstrated (6.3.13)

Phys.Org: Trillion particle simulation on hopper honored with best paper (6.3.13)

Phys.Org: Researchers model impact of aerosols over California: Findings may clarify effectiveness of regional pollution controls (6.3.13)

NBC News: More Oklahoma twisters!? Latest outbreak fits Tornado Alley's pattern (6.1.13)


The Huffington Post: With Oklahoma Tornado, Questions Swirl about Climate Change Link (5.24.13)

Knoxnews.com: Supercomputers have transformed the way the world conducts scientific research (5.23.13)

National Geographic: With Oklahoma Tornado, Questions Swirl about Climate Change Link (5.23.13)

The Independent: 200 mph winds, 12 miles of devastation: What makes a tornado? (5.21.13)

NBC News: Curse or coincidence? Scientists study Tornado Ally's past and future (5.21.13)

Mother Nature Network: Is tornado intensity increasing? (5.20.13)

ExtremeTech: Supercomputing director bets $2,000 that we won't have exascale computing by 2020 (5.17.13)

HPCWire: Computing the Physics of Bubbles (5.15.13)

HPCWire: "No Exascale for You!" An Interview with Berkeley Lab's Horst Simon (5.15.13)

Time Magazine: Revealed! The Mysteries of Bubbles � and Clouds Too (5.14.13)

Slashdot: Has Supercomputing Hit a Brick Wall? (5.14.13)

io9: This physics simulation is one of the most accurate you'll ever see (5.13.13)

Los Angeles Times: Pinning down the physics of bubbles (5.11.13)

R&D Magazine: Mathematics of popping bubbles in a foam (5.10.13)

The Atlantic: Finally, a Mathematically Accurate Way to Predict the Behavior of ... Bubbles (5.09.13)

New Scientist: Unlocking secret lives of bubbles yields perfect foam (5.09.13)

Scientific American: Physics Gets Frothy as Mathematicians Dissect Mister Bubble [Video] (5.09.13)

KQED Science: Can't Pop This: Bubble Scientists Reveal the Physics of Soap (5.09.13)

LiveScience: Mystery Popped: Science of Bubbles Decoded (5.09.13)

Nanowerk: New advance in biofuel production (5.09.13)

Wall Street Journal: Reservoir Labs & Tilera Unveil A New Generation In Cyber Security (5.07.13)

ASCR Discovery: Energy-Materials Research a Test Case for Big-Data Flood (5.01.13)


Morning Star Advisor: CENIC and ESnet Connect at 100 Gigabits Per Second (4.30.13)

BusinessWire: CENIC and ESnet Connect at 100 Gigabits Per Second (4.30.13)

Yahoo! Finance: CENIC and ESnet Connect at 100 Gigabits Per Second (4.30.13)

HPCWire: NERSC Managers Shed Light on 'Edison' (4.23.13)

West Contra Costa County Times: Berkeley climate change panel paints grim picture (4.23.13)

San Jose Mercury News: Berkeley climate change panel paints grim picture (4.23.13)

Daily Californian: Scientists to use Supercomputer for Research on Genome, Clean energy (4.16.13)

DOE Pulse: Berkeley Lab Tackles Next-Generation Climate Models (4.16.13)

ASCR Discovery: Of Colorful Candies and Fluid Dynamics (4.16.13)

Wall Street Journal: THINK Conference to Challenge Education and Research Sectors to Seek Creative Solutions to "Extreme Data" (4.16.13)

Huffington Post: Are the Digits of Pi Random? (4.16.13)

Live Science: The Future of Vanishing Antarctic Ice (4.04.13)

The Inquisitor: Antarctica is Melting Too, New Video (4.03.13)

Lab Manager Laboratory News: Silicon Atoms Dance on Graphene Sheet (4.03.13)

A to Z nano: Silicon Atoms Dance on Graphene Sheet (4.03.13)

Newswise: Microscopy Uncovers "Dancing" Silicon Atoms in Graphene (4.03.13)

Phys.Org: Berkeley code captures retreating Antarctic ice (4.03.13)


Scientific Computing: SC13 to Feature ACM Athena Lecturer Katherine Yelick (3.26.13)

Nanowerk: Meeting the computing challenges of next-generation climate models (3.26.13)

MarketWatch: CENIC's California Research and Education Network Traffic Doubles in 2013 (3.26.13)

UCSD PR: CENIC's California Research and Education Network Traffic Doubles in 2013 (3.26.13)

FCW: What the Heck is Hadoop? (3.25.13)

HPCWire: Hopper Lights Up the Cosmos (3.25.13)

Daily Galaxy: "Hacking the Cosmos" - Crunching Planck Data of Big-Bang Afterglow Reveals Daunting New Puzzles (3.22.13)

Universe Today: Meet Hopper: A Key Player in the Planck Discovery Story (3.22.13)

Space Daily: Supercomputer Helps Planck Mission Expose Ancient Light (3.22.13)

Space.com: Planck's All-Sky Map: Cosmic Microwave Background (3.21.13)

San Jose Mercury News: Big Bang baby photo: Berkeley lab's supercomputer helps detect universe's most ancient light (3.21.13)

JPL/ NASA: Supercomputer Helps Planck Mission Expose Ancient Light (3.21.13)

PhysOrg: Computer simulations yield clues to how cells interact with surroundings (3.21.13)

Scientific Computing: Berkeley Lab Scientists Read the Cosmic Writing on the Wall (3.21.13)

HPC Source: Meet HPC Innovator Chin Guok (3.19.13)

PhysOrg: Scientists generate thousands of simulations to analyze flood of data from the Planck mission (3.15.13)

Fort Mills Times: Project ADAMANT Wins CENIC's 2013 Innovations in Networking Award for Experimental/Developmental Applications (3.13.13)

FRANCE24: Data centres: incentives for going green (3.13.13)

insideHPC: Speed Your Data with Tips from ESnet's FasterData Site (3.13.13)

CNN: The historical analogs of brilliant women (3.10.13)

HPCwire: Scalable Data Race Detection (3.07.13)

WIRED: As Math Grows More Complex, Will Computers Reign? (3.04.13)

MarketWatch: Participants in 100G Workshop in San Diego Consider Next Steps for Ultra-Fast Optical Networks and Applications (3.04.13)


Simons Foundation: In Computers We Trust? (2.22.13)

SC Online News: NERSC Announces Winners of Inaugural HPC Achievement Awards (2.14.13)

insideHPC: NERSC Announces HPC Achievement Awards (2.14.13)

HPCwire: DOE Scientific Computing Center Gives Awards for HPC Science Studies (2.14.13)

Laboratory Equipment: Proton Delivery, Removal Can Speed, Distract Common Catalyst (2.11.13)

SpaceDaily: A massive stellar burst, before the supernova (2.11.13)

InsideHPC: John Shalf on Energy Efficiency and its Impact on Requirements for Future Programming Environments (2.8.13)

Ars Technica: Death throes of a massive star burp up 10 Jupiters worth of gas (2.6.13)

SC Online News: A massive stellar burst, before the supernova (2.6.13)

Eureka Alert: A massive stellar burst, before the supernova (2.6.13)

Nanowerk: A massive stellar burst, before the supernova (2.6.13)

Forbes: Leslie Dewan, 30 Under 30: Energy (2.5.13) *Former CSGF fellow, did practicum at Berkeley Lab

The Economist: Batteries included? (2.2.13)


SC Online News: NERSC Supercomputers Help Explain the Last Big Freeze (1.30.13)

HPCwire: Experts Discuss the Future of Supercomputers (1.29.13)

UC Davis PR: One in, two out: Simulating more efficient solar cells (1.28.13)

SF Chronicle: Major climate changes looming (1.27.13)

Science Magazine: Live Chat: The Future of Supercomputers (1.23.13)

Computing.co.uk: US Department of Energy to purchase 100+ petaflop supercomputers (1.21.13)

InsideHPC: NERSC Contributes to Breakthroughs of the Year (1.16.13)

Slashdot: DOE Asks for 30-Petaflop Supercomputer (1.11.13)

HPCwire: Berkeley Lab Contemplates Stepping Stone to Exascale Supercomputer (1.08.13)

Science: Death of a Star (1.03.13)