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January 1, 2014


Silicon Republic: The 8 most fantabulous engineering contraptions of 2014 (12.24.14)

Space Daily: Making a Good Thing Better for Lithium Ion Batteries (12.24.14)

Science Daily: A standard for neuroscience data (12.23.14)

EE Times Europe: Berkeley Lab pinpoints better electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries (12.23.14)

Nanowerk: Iridium nanoparticles resist deactivation in biofuel production (12.22.14)

AZnano: Researchers Discover Technique for Increasing Binding Strength and Selectivity of Crown Ether Molecules(12.22.14)

Neuroscience News: A Standard for Neuroscience Data (12.19.14)

Primeur Weekly:Simulations at NERSC help illuminate attosecond laser experiment findings (12.19.14)

Phys.org: Optimized algorithms help methane flame simulations run 6x faster on NERSC supercomputer (12.19.14)

Medical Xpress: Researchers have developed a computational framework for standardizing neuroscience data worldwide (12.19.14)

Scientific Computing: Optimized Algorithms Give Combustion Simulations a Boost (12.18.14)

Scientific Computing: Global High-resolution Models Fuel New Golden Age of Climate Science (12.18.14)

Scientific Computing Online: HPC Community Experts Weigh in on Code Modernization  (12.17.14)

Yale Climate Connections: Researchers Address Unanswered Questions in National Climate Assessment (12.17.14)

Popular Science: What To Expect In 2015: Ultrafast Data Transfer Speeds Up Science (12.17.14)

ZME Science: Record breaking energies achieved in a compact particle accelerator 3 million times smaller than the LHC  (12.10.14)

Physics Today: Big data goes high-speed across the Atlantic (12.10.14)

Electronics Weekly: Berkeley Lab claims record for laser-plasma accelerator (12.10.14)

Galileo: Acceleratori di particelle da record (12.10.14)

Engineering.com: Compact Particle Accelerator Sets World Record (12.10.14)

Bao Moi: Máy gia tốc hạt để bàn của Berkeley Lab lập kỷ lục gia tốc electron lên mức năng lượng 4,25 GeV (12.10.14)

The Space Reporter:  Tabletop-sized particle accelerator blows away Large Hardron Collider in recent test (12.09.14)

GizMag: Berkeley lab builds world record tabletop-size particle accelerator (12.09.14)

Phys.Org: World record for compact 'tabletop' particle accelerator (12.08.14)

Science Daily: Extraordinary throughput at supercomputing conference (12.03.14)


PC World:  Supercomputer Ranks Largely Unchanged, But Sit Tight (11.26.14)

Universe Today: The Search for Dark Energy Just Got Easier (11.25.14)

Phys.Org: Berkeley algorithms help researchers understand dark energy (11.24.14)

SpaceRef:  Berkeley Algorithms Help Researchers Understand Dark Energy (11.24.14)

Technology.Org: NRL and Collaborators Conduct 100 Gigabit/Second Remote I/O Demonstration (11.24.14)

Live Science: Expect More Giant Snowstorms as Climate Warms (Op-Ed)  (11.22.14)

eTeknix: Intel Announce 10nm Chips Capabilities and Release Plans (11.19.14)

Tom's Hardware (italy): Intel Xeon Phi chip to 10 nanometers for the HPC world (11.18.14)

Enterprise Storage Forum: Will the “Tape is Dead” Folks Please Sit Down? (11.18.14)

HPCwire: Cray Wins Six HPCwire Awards (11.18.14)

Datacenter Dynamics: The company unveils its next generation of Xeon Phi coprocessors and details of technology Omni-Path  (11.18.14)

Scientific American:  Next Wave of U.S. Supercomputers Could Break Up Race for Fastest (11.18.14)

Softpedia: Intel Reveals Supercomputer Plans: Knights Landing, Knights Hill and Omni-Path Architecture – Gallery (11.18.14)

PC World: Top500 supercomputer race goes cold (11.17.14)

Network World: Top500 Supercomputer race loses momentum (11.17.14)

Science Newsline: As Temperatures Rise, Soil Will Relinquish Less Carbon to the Atmosphere Than Predicted (11.17.14)

Lake County News: CLIMATE: Lightning expected to increase by 50 percent with global warming (11.16.14)

NFV Zone: NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Corsa, Dell'Oro, Juniper (11.15.14)

Wall Street Journal: U.S. to Spend $425 Million on Supercomputers (11.14.14)

Engineering.com: New Supercomputers Enable High-Res Climate Models, Truer Weather Sims (11.14.14)

Open Science World: Latest Supercomputers Enable High-Resolution Climate Models, Truer Simulation of Extreme Weather (11.14.14)

Nature: Next Wave of U.S. Supercomputers Could Break Up Race for Fastest (11.14.14)

Laboratory Equipment: Supercomputers Enable High-res Climate Models (11.14.14)

Computerra.ru: Supercomputer at Berkeley launched climate model (11.13.14)

Innovations Report: Latest Supercomputers Enable High-Resolution Climate Models, Truer Simulation of Extreme Weather (11.13.14)

SDN Zone: Demo Shows Potential of SDN-BGP to Connect SDN Islands Anywhere in the World (11.13.14)

Product Design & Development: Supercomputers Enable Hi-Res Climate Models (11.13.14)

R&D Magazine: Supercomputers enable climate science to enter a new golden age (11.13.14)

UCSD News: SDSC to Start Loading the Nodes for its New “Comet” Supercomputer (11.13.14)

Computer Business Review: Supercomputers run high-res climate simulation (11.13.14)

Technology.org: Latest Supercomputers Enable High-Resolution Climate Models, Truer Simulation of Extreme Weather (11.13.14)

DOE ASCR Discovery: Project aims to improve ice-ocean-land modeling (11.12.14)

Terra Daily: Supercomputers Enables Earth Models in HiRes (11.13.14)

The Register: Researchers show off three-domain international SDN (11.12.14)

Phys.Org: Latest supercomputers enable high-resolution climate models, truer simulation of extreme weather (11.12.14)

Primeur Weekly: Supercomputers fuel global high-resolution climate models (11.12.14)

Gizmag: Latest supercomputers run truer simulations of extreme weather (11.12.14)

HPCwire: Climate Modeling Approaches ‘Golden Age’ (11.12.14)

MyScience: Latest Supercomputers Enable High-Resolution Climate Models, Truer Simulation of Extreme Weather (11.12.14)

Phys.Org: Mapping the march to methodical materials (11.11.14)

ZD Net: 'Treehouse' software-defined networking project claims a breakthrough (11.11.14)

Huffington Post Tech UK: Breakthrough Prize Awards: Like A Celeb Bash, Except These People Do Useful Things (11.11.14)

The Register: CAMERON DIAZ covers top BOFFINS in GOLD at Breakthrough Prizes (11.10.14)

InsideHPC: So, How Do Supercomputers Get Named? (11.02.14)


GCN: High-speed transatlantic network supports faster data exchange (10.30.14)

ANSA (Italy): Highways for scientific data (10.27.14)

AZO Nano: Molecular Structure of Water Observed at Nanoscale Interfacial Region of Gold Electrodes (10.27.14)

insideHPC: ESnet to Channel Big Data Under the Atlantic (10.26.14)

Scientific Computing World:  Data to flood under the Atlantic (10.24.14)

Ultimas: EE.UU. conecta con Europa ‘Internet en sombra’ ultrarrápido (10.24.14)

SciTech Daily: Astronomers Create 3D Map of the Distant Universe (10.24.14)

Laboratory Equipment: Study Reveals Secrets of Carbonic Acid (10.24.14)

Fibre Systems: Research data takes four routes under the Atlantic (10.24.14)

State Times: 3-D map of the adolescent universe (10.24.14)

Science Daily: 3-D map of the adolescent universe  (10.23.14)

Pan European Networks: GÉANT to install high-speed links across Europe (10.23.14)

Phys.Org: Team reveals molecular structure of water at gold electrodes (10.23.14)

Science Newsline: New Insights on Carbonic Acid in Water  (10.22.14)

PhysOrg: New insights on carbonic acid in water (10.22.14)

ISGTW: Transatlantic network extends 100-gigabit connectivity between US and Europe (10.22.14)

ExecutiveGov: DOE Cyber Vet Jim Mellander to Retire Next Month (10.22.14)

Laboratory Manager: A 3D Map of the Adolescent Universe (10.21.14)

HPCwire: ESnet Deploys 100G Connectivity Across Atlantic (10.21.14)

ACM Communications: New High-Speed Transatlantic Network to Benefit Science Collaborations Across the U.S. (10.21.14)

The Register: ESNet's 100 Gbps Atlantic link almost ready to flow (10.21.14)

Merkdata.com: Amerika punya internet 'pribadi' berkecepatan kilat 100 Gbps! (10.21.14)

AZOoptics: New High-Speed Transatlantic Links for Faster Data Exchange Between US and Europe (10.21.14)

Primeur Weekly: ESnet extends 100G connectivity across Atlantic (10.20.14)

Symmetry Magazine: Transatlantic data-transfer gets a boost (10.20.14)

Network World: 100G Ethernet bringing Large Hadron Collider closer than ever to U.S. researchers (10.20.14)

Converge: ESnet Deploys Four Transatlantic Links (10.20.14)

Phys.Org: New 100 Gbps high-speed transatlantic network to benefit science collaborations (10.20.14)

Scientific Computing: DOE’s High-Speed Network to Boost Big Data Transfers by Extending 100G Connectivity across Atlantic (10.20.14)

ECN Mag: Transatlantic network allows faster data exchange between US and Europe (10.20.14)

Silicon Republic: Comms 100Gbps transatlantic cable to aid EU/US science research (10.20.14)

EETimes Europe: Supercomputer simulations point path to better Mg-ion batteries (10.20.14)

Fierce Big Data: DOE's high-speed network to boost big data transfers (10.19.14)

AZOnano: Computer Simulations Help Dispel Misconception about Mg-ion Batteries (10.17.14)

Wireless Design & Development: Dispelling a Misconception about Mg-Ion Batteries (10.17.14)

Oakland North: Eight Berkeley Lab scientists present eight game-changing ideas (10.16.14)

SF Gate: Eight Berkeley Lab scientists present eight game-changing ideas (10.16.14)

HPC Wire: Preparing for Manycore (10.13.14)

Extreme Tech: How to build your own 1:10 scale Cray-1 supercomputer (10.13.14)

ECN Mag: Graphene acts as a fine lubricant (10.13.14)

insideHPC: Update on Trinity System Procurement and Plans (10.13.14)

Primeur Magazine: NERSC is at the forefront of data management and storage innovations (10.11.14)

Minnesota Public Radio: Classic October weekend; a supercomputer arms race (10.10.14)

PhysOrg: Liquid water fails to keep ions apart (10.10.14)

Ames Tribune: ISU researchers assist in developing supercomputer to aid in future studies (10.09.14)

Executive.Gov: Michael Wehner: Berkeley Nat’l Lab Seeks to Address Input-Output for Big Data (10.07.14)

HPCwire: University of Pittsburgh Receives $500,000 from the NSF (10.06.14)

Sina Tech: Early research shows most massive stellar death processes universe (10.04.14)

InformationWeek Government: Government Toils To Create Big Data Infrastructure (10.03.14)

NPR Science Friday (#ObserveEverything):  Protein Crystallography (10.03.14)

NCYT: La extraña existencia de estrellas del pasado remoto con una masa colosal (10.03.14)

ZD Net: White House challenges data centers to improve energy efficiency (10.02.14)

Executive.Gov: Energy Dept Announces First Data Centers to Join Better Buildings Challenge; Ernest Moniz Comments (10.01.14)


HPC Wire: Cray Strikes Balance with Next-Generation XC40 Supercomputer (9.30.14)

Laboratory Equipment: Image of the Week: Simulations Reveal Unusual Death for Stars (9.30.14)

Primeur: Iowa State physicists among teams preparing for new Energy Department supercomputer (9.30.14)

Forbes: Huge Primordial Stars Disappeared Without So Much As A Supermassive Black Hole Left Behind (9.30.14)

Red Orbit: Simulations Reveal An Unusual Death For Ancient Stars (9.30.14)

Iowa State University: Iowa State physicists among teams preparing for new Energy Department supercomputer (9.3014)

Space News Feed: Simulations reveal an unusual death for ancient stars (9.30.14)

Data Knowledge Center: CoreSite, Digital Realty Join Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge (9.30.14)

National Journal:  Private Companies, Federal Agencies and National Labs Join Better Buildings Challenge to Drive Greater Efficiency in U.S. Data Centers (9.30.14)

PD Net: DOE's Better Buildings Challenge Drives Energy Efficiency (9.30.14)

Spektrum: Wenn Sterne komplett verbrennen (9.29.14)

San Jose Mercury News:  California's drought linked to greenhouse gases, climate change in Stanford study (9.29.14)

Los Angeles Register: Are humans causing the drought? (9.29.14)

Headlines & Global News: Primordial Stars Suffered Unusual Death; Findings Could Reveal Secrets Of Universe's Development (9.29.14)

Nature World News: Scientists Reveal Unusual Death of Some Ancient Stars (9.29.14)

The Daily Mail: The death of the first star in the Universe (9.29.14)

Phys.Org: Simulations reveal an unusual death for ancient stars (9.29.14)

Science World Report: Ancient, Primordial Stars May Have Left No Trace Behind After Dying in Explosion (9.29.14)

UC Santa Cruz: Simulations reveal unusual death for ancient stars (9.29.14)

El Economista: Revelada la extraña muerte de las estrellas antiguas (9.29.14)

Europa Press: Reconstruyen la extraña muerte de antiguas estrellas (9.29.14)

Innovations Report: Simulations Reveal An Unusual Death for Ancient Stars (9.29.14)

ASCR Discovery: Pore models track reactions in underground carbon capture (9.25.14)

Lab Manager: Graphene Flaws Key to Creating Hypersensitive ‘Electronic Nose’ (9.24.14)

AtoZ Nano: Intrinsic Electric Fields Can Drive Oxygen Diffusion at Interfaces in Engineered Complex Oxide Thin Films (10.14.14)

Daily Cal: Berkeley Lab hires 3 developmentally disabled employees (9.21.14)

Cosmos Magazine: ArtificiaI intelligence: Your future today (9.19.14)

AZ Nano: Simple Formula Describes Why Nanotubes Have Chirality (9.17.14)

GeekWire: Cray lands $13M contract for Swedish supercomputing (9.16.14)

IEEE Explore (Subscription Req'd):  Adventures in Antarctic Computing, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Neutrino (9.15.14)

HPCWire: NERSC Highlights Exascale-Energy Connection (9.11.14)

ASCR Discovery: The Cori supercomputer to test exascale concepts (9.10.14)

Scientific Computing: Tools for Reducing, Managing, Analyzing and Visualizing Data Transform Beamline Science (9.10.14)

PC World: Devastating 'Heartbleed' flaw was unknown before disclosure, study finds (9.10.14)

Security Week: Heartbleed Vulnerability Not Targeted by Attackers Prior to Disclosure: Researchers (9.10.14)

Computer World - Portugal: “Heartbleed” seria desconhecido nos serviços secretos (9.10.14)

BetaNews: Heartbleed bug not exploited before disclosure (9.10.14)

AZ Nano: Atomically Flat Phosphorus Holds Promise for Nano-Electronic Application (9.10.14)

IDG.se: Heartbleed var inte känd i förväg (9.10.14)

Science Daily: Phosphorus a promising semiconductor: Physicists find 2-D form pays no heed to defects (9.09.14)

Hispanic Business Week: Phosphorus a Promising Semiconductor (9.09.14)

Product Design & Development: Phosphorus a Promising Candidate for Nano-Electronic Applications (9.09.14)

Wireless Design & Development: Phosphorus a Promising Candidate for Nano-Electronic Applications  (9.09.14)

Threatpost: Research Finds No Large Scale Heartbleed Exploit Attempts Before Vulnerability Disclosure (9.09.14)

ComputerWorld: AARNet replaces eight-year old AARNet3 network (9.09.14)

Controlled Environments: Phosphorus Makes a Promising Semiconductor (9.08.14)

Primeur Weekly: New catalyst converts CO2 to fuel (9.05.14)

Infinera: Henrique Rodrigues Wins Best Student Paper at IEEE Hot Interconnects for Infinera/Brocade/ESnet Multi-layer SDN Demo (9.05.14)

R&D Magazine:Materials scientists play atomic Jenga (9.04.14)

HPCWire: NERSC Reveals 44 NESAP Code Teams (9.03.14)

Scientific Computing: Spend $3bn on exascale, report tells US Government (9.01.14)

AZ Nano: Argonne National Laboratory Scientists Find Novel Strategy to Synthesize New Materials (9.01.14)


Phys.Org: Team pioneers strategy for creating new materials (8.29.14)

ScienceNewsline: Argonne Scientists Pioneer Strategy for Creating New Materials (8.29.14)

Converge Digest:  ESnet Establishes 100G Peering Point with Pacific Wave (8.27.14)

R&D Magazine: New project is the ACME of addressing climate change (8.26.14)

Wireless Design & Development: Photon Speedway Puts Big Data in the Fast Lane (8.26.14)

Scientific Computing: HPC used to develop new climate model (8.26.14)

Primeur Weekly Magazine: Photon speedway puts Big Data in the fast lane (8.26.14)

Technology Today: New Project is the ACME of Addressing Climate Change (8.26.14)

Yahoo Finance!: New Connectivity Enables ESnet to Support Globe-Spanning Collaborations at Ultra-High-Performance Network Speeds (8.26.14)

ACM Communications: NERSC Launches Next-Generation Code Optimization Effort (8.21.14)

Executive.Gov: DOE Taps Intel, Cray for Help in Exascale Supercomputer Shift (8.21.14)

FierceGovernmentIT: DOE helps scientific community prepare for advanced supercomputer coming in 2016 (8.19.14)

Scientific Computing: NERSC Launches Next-Generation Code Optimization Effort (8.15.14)

Phys.Org: NERSC launches next-generation code optimization effort (8.14.14)

ADMIN Magazine: NERSC Gets Ready for Exascale (8.13.14)

HPC Wire: NERSC Launches Exascale Readiness Program with Intel, Cray (8.11.14)

Primeur Weekly: NERSC, Intel, and Cray team up to prepare users for transition to exascale computing (8.11.14)

insideHPC: Tapping NERSC Supercomputers for Fusion Research (8.07.14)

CNET: IBM's TrueNorth processor mimics the human brain (8.07.14)

New York Times: IBM Develops a New Chip That Functions Like a Brain (8.07.14)

Scientific Computing: Weather the Flood of Big Data in Climate Research (8.06.14)

Scientific Computing: New Calculations Could Lower Fusion Reactor Costs (8.05.14)

Hispanic Business News: UNM Establishes 'Science DMZ' Network Link for Genomics Research (8.01.14)

UNM Newsroom: UNM establishes 'Science DMZ' network link for genomics research (8.01.14)


AZOM.com: Novel Two-Step Catalytic Process Converts Waste Carbon Dioxide into Syngas (7.31.14)

Scientific American: Vinton G. Cerf: "The Value of Investment by the U.S. Government Cannot Be Overstated" (7.22.14)

insideHPC: HPC People on the Move: July Edition (7.21.14)

EE Times (Europe): 'Hot carrier' study opens solar cell efficiency advances (7.21.14)

HPCwire: Weekly Twitter Roundup (7.17.14)

DOE Office of Science: Happy Birthday NERSC (7.14.14)

insideHPC: NERSC Leads Next-Generation Code Optimization Effort (8.11.14)

insideHPC: IDC Publishes Agenda for September HPC User Forum in Seattle (8.11.14)

Primeur Weekly: LANL, Sandia, Cray set to build next generation NNSA supercomputer (7.10.14)

HPCwire: Los Alamos Lead Shares “Trinity” Feeds and Speeds (7.10.14)

insideHPC:Burst Buffers and Data-Intensive Scientific Computing (7.09.14)


GCN: Science DMZ: faster, more secure high-performance computing (6.24.14)

GeekWire: Aiming for more accurate weather forecasts, Korea Meteorological Association inks $54M deal with Cray (6.24.14)

Data Center Knowledge: Intel’s Next-Gen Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) to Use Silicon Photonics (6.24.14)

PCMag: Supercomputing Tech Marches On, Top500 List Largely Unchanged (6.23.14)

Primeur Weekly: Intel re-architects the fundamental building block for high-performance computing (6.23.14)

Scientific Computing: China's Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Retains Top Spot on 43rd Edition of the TOP500 List (6.23.14)

Forbes: China's Tianhe-2 Remains The World's Fastest Supercomputer (6.23.14)

InfoWorld: China wins a slowing supercomputer race (6.23.14)

xinhuanet.com: China's Tianhe-2 remains world's fastest supercomputer for third time (6.23.14)

insideHPC: Data, Computation and the Fate of the Universe (6.20.14)

Scientific Computing: EPCC and Berkeley HPC Facilites Designated as IPCCs (6.19.14)

InsideHPC: Berkeley Lab is now an Intel Parallel Computing Center (6.18.14)

HPCwre: Berkeley Lab, Intel to Collaborate in Updating Scientific Codes for Manycore Architectures (6.18.14)

InsideHPC: Brief History and Future Development of Earth System Models (6.08.14)

ISGTW: Sherpa and Open Science Grid: Predicting the emergence of jets (6.04.14)

HPCWire: Climate Modeling Pioneer on Higher-Resolution, Higher Impact Climate Change (6.02.14)

Phys.Org: Multidimensional image processing and analysis in R (6.02.14)


Science Daily: Unexpected water explains surface chemistry of nanocrystals (5.29.14)

Phys.Org: Storing wind-generated electricity as fuels means catalysts must avoid low energy states (5.29.14)

Science Daily: A path toward more powerful tabletop accelerators (5.28.14)

KQED NOVA: Will the BICEP2 Results Hold Up? (5.27.14)

insideHPC: Nobel Lecture Series: A Perspective of Biology (5.28.14)

The Huffington Post: 'Wolf-Rayet' Star 20 Times As Massive As The Sun Explodes In Supernova (5.22.14)

The University Herald: Supernova Explosion Study Analyzes Direct Evidence of the Death of a Massive Wolf-Rayet Star (5.22.14)

Sci-News.Com: Wolf-Rayet Star Linked to Supernova SN 2013cu (5.22.14)

Red Orbit: Exploding Wolf-Rayet Stars Found To Be Responsible For Type IIb Supernovae (5.22.14)

Fox News: Supernova discovery reveals how the biggest, brightest stars die (5.21.14)

IBTimes: Astronomers Witness Violent Death of Rare Wolf-Rayet Star 360 Million Light Years Away (5.21.14)

Yahoo! News: Astronomers Witness Violent Death of Rare Wolf-Rayet Star 360 Million Light Years Away (5.21.14)

The Register: Scientists capture DEATH STAR in VIOLENT EXPLOSION (5.21.14)

UPI: Supernova discovery reveals how giant Wolf-Rayet stars die (5.21.14)

Nature World News: Supernova Discovery Reveals Demise of Space's Biggest, Brightest Stars (5.21.14)

NBC News: Supernova Reveals How the Biggest Stars in the Universe Die (5.21.14)

Space.com: Supernova Discovery Reveals How the Biggest, Brightest Stars Die (5.21.14)

insideHPC: Interview: Next-Generation Cori Supercomputer Coming to NERSC (5.09.14)

KRON4: Michael Wehner talks about National Climate Assessment (Part 1) (5.07.14)

KRON4: Michael Wehner talks about National Climate Assessment (Part 2) (5.07.04)

Daily Cal: Berkeley Lab scientist contributes to White House report addressing climate change concerns (5.07.14)

Forbes: New Computer Algorithms Buck The Energy Barrier (5.06.14)

SF Business Times: Think this drought is hot and dry? Imagine 10 degrees hotter, says Berkeley Lab (5.0614)

insideHPC: NERSC Buys Knights Landing Supercomputer (5.02.14)

Data Center Knowledge: NERSC Contracts with Cray for $70 Million Supercomputer (5.01.14)


IEEE Spectrum: Heartbleed Bug Bit Before Patches Were Put in Place (4.18.14)

Aktuelle Nachrichten: Hoffnung für "Heartbleed" (4.17.14)

Scientific Computing: Biographies Alice Koniges (4.17.14)

New York Times Bits: Study Finds No Evidence of Heartbleed Attacks Before the Bug Was Exposed (4.16.14)

SemiconductorToday: Improving LED Efficiency Through InN Nanostructures (4.11.14)

Photonics.com: Nanostructures Show Promise for Efficient LEDs (4.09.14)

HPCWire: 'Edison' Reinvents the Lightbulb (4.09.14)

KPFA: Letters & Politics Interview with Michael Wehner (starts at 5 minute mark) (4.07.14)

ECN: To Bridge LED's Green Gap, Scientists Think Small ... Really Small (4.07.14)

R&D Magazine: Nanostructures Show Promise for Efficient LEDs (4.04.14)

Phys.Org: Nanostructures Half a DNA Strand-Wide Show Promise for Efficient LEDs (4.04.14)

Phys.Org: Democratizing Science with High Speed Networks (4.01.14)

Phys.Org: A New Mathematics for Experimental Science (4.01.14)


FCW: NFV: Turning Netowk Activities into Software (3.24.14)

Cray Blog:  NERSC's "Edison" Unleashed (3.20.14)

Nanowerk: SWARPES sheds light on the scientific potential for remote microscopy (3.18.14)

ExecutiveGov: Brighten Godfrey, Inder Monga: SDN Architecture Could Help Agencies Secure IT Networks(3.18.14)

GCW: Agencies experiment with software-defined networks (3.17.14)

HPCwire: Podcast: Powering the 20th Century Weather Reanalysis Project (3.10.14)

SpaceRef: Standard-Candle Supernovae are Still Standard, but Why? (3.04.14)


FCW: Time to Raise Networking Expectations in Government (2.20.14)

HPC Wire: Adapting Hadoop to HPC Environment (2.14.14)

OCLF Blog: OCLF groups work together to evaluate faster data methods (2.14.14)

Science: 2013 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge Winners (2.7.14)

Communications of ACM: Edison Electrifies Scientific Computing (2.7.14)

HPCWire: Podcast: Stretching Processing for Materials Science (2.7.14)

Fox News:  Art of science: 2013 science and engineering visual contest winners (2.6.14)

iO9:  A mind-blowing gallery of the best science visualizations from 2013 (2.6.14)

Live Science:  Vivid Visualizations: Prize-Winning Science Images(2.6.14)

NBC News: Visualization Contest Celebrates Science's Stars of the Show (2.6.14)

HPCWire: Podcast: Big Data Challenges at the Advanced Light Source (2.3.14)

Tottenham News: NERSC Turns On Switch for ‘Edison’ (2.2.14)


Scientific Computing: NERSC Flips Switch on New Flagship Supercomputer, Edison (1.31.14)

HPCWire:   ‘Edison’ Lights Up Research at NERSC (1.31.14)

Phys.Org: Edison Supercomputer Electrifies Scientific Computing (1.30.14)

RedOrbit: NERSC Fires Up Edison Supercomputer (1.30.14)

InsideHPC: NERSC Fires Up Edison Supercomputer (1.30.14)

TABL: The Current Occupations of Greg Bell (1.22.14)

Science Daily: Researchers 'Detune' a Molecule: Scientists Control the Bonds Between Atoms in a Buckyball (1.16.14)

HPCwire: Supercomputers Push Cosmological Limits (1.15.14)

Physics Central: The Most Exciting Physics (and more!) to Happen at National Laboratories in 2014 (1.14.14)

HPCwire: Improved Genome Portal Benefits Users (1.08.14)

Science Daily: Universe Measured to One-Percent Accuracy: Most Precise Calibration Yet of Cosmic 'Standard Ruler' (1.08.14)

NanoWerk: BOSS Measures Universe Measured to One-Percent Accuracy (1.08.14)

Fars News Agency: Universe Measured to One-Percent Accuracy (1.08.14)

HPCwire: The Top Supercomputing Led Discoveries of 2013 (1.02.14)