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January 1, 2015

December 2015

Carbon Brief: Scientists at AGU React to Paris Climate Agreement (12.22.15)

I4U News: LUX Dark Matter Testing Facility In South Dakota Proves Efficient At Sensing Dark Matter (12.14.15)

Phys.Org: New results from world's most sensitive dark matter detector (12.14.15)

HPCwire: ESnet at 30: Evolving Toward Exascale and Raising Expectations (12.10.15)

Information Age: How the Alan Turing Institute is leading research in data science (12.09.15)

InsideHPC: Video: High Performance Clustering for Trillion Particle Simulations (12.03.05)

InsideHPC: QCD Optimization on Intel Xeon Phi (12.03.05)

HPCwire: Cray Lays Out Vision for HPC-Big Data Convergence (12.03.15)

PC Mag: Supercomputing 15: Bigger Changes on the Horizon (12.02.05)

Ottowa Business Journal: Who is doing deals in Ottawa (12.01.05)

November 2015

informatique: UC Berkeley opens new data center for research (11.27.15)

ChinaByte: Cray technology is introduced into the container will Docker supercomputer (11.26.15)

ZDNet: Cray technology is introduced into the container will Docker supercomputer (11.23.15)

eWEEK: Cray Brings Docker Technology to Its Supercomputers (11.20.15)

Application Deployment: Supercomputers Will Soon Have Intel's Fastest Chip Ever (11.20.15)

CCID.net: Brocade to support the world's first 100 Gbps trans-Pacific Research and Education Network (11.19.15)

Scientific Computing: Cray-NERSC Collaboration Brings Docker Container Capabilities to Cray XC Software (11.18.15)

GCN: Berkeley Lab opens computational science facility (11.18.15)

The Register: Cray hoists Docker containers into supercomputers  (11.18.15)

IT Weekly Russia: New Intel solutions available for high-performance computing (11.18,15)

CIO Korea: Brocade, 100Gbps research network to build a network linking the US and Asia (11.18.15)

DataNet: Brocade, 100 GB build research network linking the US and Asia (11.18.15)

Wzaobao: Intel to build high-performance computing systems design, develop Supercomputing Applications (11.18.15)

ZDNet: Intel to build high-performance computing system designed to expand the Supercomputing Applications (11.18.15)

insideHPC: Docker Containers Come to Cray XC Software (11.17.15)

HeXus: Intel provides more info about 72-core Knights Landing Xeon Phi (11.17.15)

AmeriPublications: Berkeley Lab opens computational science facility (11.17.15)

CIO: The new 72-core Xeon Phi chips will deliver performance breakthroughs (11.16.15)

The Next Platform: The Knights Landing Xeon Phi Rollout Begins (11.16.15)

GCN: Google Fiber's got nothing on ESnet (11.16.15)

Executive.Gov: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Unveils Computational Science Research Center; Lynn Orr Comments (11.16.15)

Nextgov: Could a New Center Help the US in Global Supercomputing Rankings? (11.16.15)

Contra Costa Times: New science center opens at Berkeley Lab (11.16.15)

KQED News: Berkeley Lab Opens Gleaming Supercomputer Center (11.15.15)

ASCR Discovery: Tackling a Trillion (11.15.15)

Albany Patch: Berkeley Labs Official Open Center to Advance Scientific Discovery (11.14.15)

HPCwire: Berkeley Lab Celebrates New Home of NERSC, ESnet (11.13.15)

Berkeleyside: Berkeley Lab opens gleaming supercomputer center (11.13.15)

Sing Tao Daily: Shyh Wang Hall Home to Supercomputer (11.13.15)

World Journal: Berkeley Wang Shi's science building opened (11.13.15)

Network Asia: U.S.'s ESnet deploys 400G network (11.13.15)

Daily Cal: Berkeley Lab opens new facility for supercomputers, fiber optic network (11.12.15)

HPCwire: Berkeley Lab Opens State-of-the-Art Facility for Computational Science (11.12.15)

HPCwire: DDN Reveals Results of HPC Trends Survey (11.12.15)

HPCwire: RENCI Upgrades Breakable Experimental Network (11.12.15)

San Francisco Business Times: Lawrence Berkeley Lab opens new $143 million supercomputer facility (11.12.15)

Datanami: DDN Reveals Results of HPC Trends Survey (11.12.15)

Telecompaper: ESnet taps Ciena for 400G research, education network (11.11.15)

insideHPC: ESnet and NERSC Build 400G Production Network (11.11.15)

Fiber Online: Ciena DOE successfully deployed 400Gbps Super Channel (11.11.15)

Converge!: ESnet and NERSC Build 400G BayExpress Super-Channel (11.11.15)

Science Newsline: Physicists Uncover Mechanism That Stabilizes Plasma Within Tokamaks (11.11.15)

ACM Communications: National Labs Collaborate on Next-Generation Supercomputer Development (11.11.15)

HPCwire: ESnet and NERSC Build 400 Gbps Super-Channel (11.10.15)

O'Reilly Media: Big Science problems, big data solutions (11.10.15)

Phys.Org: Department of Energy's ESnet and NERSC blaze 400G production network path (11.10.15)

Phys.Org: Physicists uncover mechanism that stabilizes plasma within tokamaks (11.10.15)

Virtual-Strategy Magazine: ESnet Taps Ciena for 400G Research and Education Network (11.10.15)

insideHPC: With APEX, National Labs Collaborate to Develop Next-Gen Supercomputers (11.10.15)

insideBigData: Apache Spark is the Smartphone of Big Data (11.09.15)

Wzaobao: Scientists for the first time confirmed the relationship between the deep mantle plume and volcanic hotspot (11.06.15)

Astro Watch: Supernova Factory Finds a New Way to Measure Cosmological Distances with Far Greater Accuracy (11.05.15)

Interactions.Org: Supernova twins: Making standard candles more standard than ever (11.05.15)

SpaceRef: Supernova Twins - Making Standard Candles More Standard Than Ever (11.05.15)

insideHPC: Cray, AMPLab, NERSC Collaborate on Spark Performance for HPC Platforms (11.05.15)

HPCwire: Cray, AMPLab, NERSC Collaboration Targets Spark Performance on HPC Platforms (11.04.15)

Datanami: Cray, AMPLab, NERSC Collaboration Targets Spark Performance on HPC Platforms (11.04.15)

Science and Technology Research News: ‘Sidecars’ Pave the Way for Concurrent Analytics of Large-Scale Simulations (11.03.15)

HPCwire: SCinet to Utilize SDN for SC15 (11.03.15)

Interactions.org: Supernova twins: Making standard candles more standard than ever (11.02.15)

October 2015

Business News Daily: Cyberattacks Are Not On the Rise, Researchers Say (10.14.15)

Federal Computer Week: Is the threat posed by hackers overhyped? (10.14.15)

insideHPC: Agencies, Universities Announce Recipients of Inaugural Program to Expand Role of Women in Leading-Edge Networks (10.14.15)

Microscopy and Analysis: First atomic-resolution structure of nanosheet (10.13.15)

Data Centre Management: Berkeley Lab’s Katherine Yelick Wins Ken Kennedy Award (10.13.15)

insideHPC: Kathy Yelick to Receive Ken Kennedy Award at SC15 (10.13.15)

Science Newsline: On the Precision Frontier: A New Calculation Holds Promise for New Physics (10.13.15)

Phys.org: Berkeley Lab's Yelick lauded for advances in programmability of HPC systems (10.13.15)

LED inside: DOE Ames Laboratory Research Team Creates UV OLED on-Chip Spectrometer (10.12.13)

Scientific Computing: HPC Transforms Cosmology (10.08.15)

Space Daily: New design rule brings nature-inspired nanostructures one step closer (10.08.15)

Nanowerk: Newly discovered 'design rule' brings nature-inspired nanostructures one step closer (10.07.15)

ECN Mag: Newly Discovered 'Design Rule' Brings Nature-Inspired Nanostructures One Step Closer (10.07.15)

Phys.Org: Newly discovered 'design rule' brings nature-inspired nanostructures one step closer (10.07.15)

insideHPC: ESnet Releases Code for Building Online Interactive Network Portals (10.05.15)

InsideHPC: Users to Test DataWarp Burst Buffer on Cori Supercomputer (10.05.15)

PopYard: Science DMZ Infrastructure Architecture Breaks down Barriers (10.01.15)

September 2015

Phys.org: Computing a textbook of crystal physics (09.30.15)

Scientific Computing: Celeste: New Model uses Statistical Inference to Revolutionize Sky Survey (9.30.15)

The Platform: Exascale HPC Needs An Application Innovation Spark (9.29.15)

Nature: Modelling: Build imprecise supercomputers (9.29.15)

Technology Today: Computing a textbook of crystal physics (9.29.15)

Enterprise Tech: Larry Smarr: Building the Big Data Superhighway (9.25.15)

HPCwire: Paving Pathways to Success through Broader Engagement (9.28.15)

insideHPC: Electrolyte Genome Project May Lead to Better Batteries (9.24.15)

HPCwire: DOE Approves $10.5M Grant to Expand CAMERA (9.23.15)

DEXIS: Berkeley Lab cosmologists sift tsunamis of data for signals from the birth of galaxies (9.23.15)

The Platform: Shifter Expands Container Capabilities for HPC (9.23.15)

EIN Newsdesk: New Support for CAMERA to Develop Computational Mathematics for Experimental Facilities Research (9.22.15)

Federal Times: Extending the federal network to the ends of the Earth (9.21.15)

HPCwire: LBNL to Co-Lead DOE’s New HPC4Manufacturing Program (9.16.15)

HPCwire: Univa Launch Highlights Container Penetration of HPC (9.16.15)

Today's Motor Vehicles: ANSYS, Cray smash supercomputing records (9.16.15)

Scientific Computing: Smashing the Simulation World Record to Create Complete Virtual Prototypes (9.15.15)

Huffington Post: Weather Myths You Definitely Believe, Debunked (9.15.15)

Thrillist: Weather Myths You Definitely Believe, Debunked (9.15.15)

Primeur Weekly: ANSYS and Cray smash supercomputing records (9.09.15)

CNET: New map tracks the boiling hot rock feeding Earth's volcanoes (9.12.15)

Engineering.com: ANSYS Fluent Sets Record with 129,000 Cores (9.11.15)

HPCwire: Five Women in IT Selected to Participate in SCinet and Attend SC15 (9.10.15)

Organi di Trasmissione: ANSYS and Cray beat the speed record for parallel computing (9.10.15)

Space Ref: Celeste: A New Model for Cataloging the Universe (9.10.15)

Phys.org: Celeste: A new model for cataloging the universe (9.09.15)

insideHPC: Cray Scales Fluent to 129,000 Compute Cores (9.09.15)

Virtual-Strategy Magazine: ANSYS and Cray Smash Supercomputing Records (9.09.15)

HPCwire: ANSYS and Cray Set New World Record (9.09.15)

Russian News Agency: Seismologists from Berkeley created a 3D-map of the deep layers of the Earth (9.09.15)

Daily Mail: Core of North American continent is 'extremely deformed' (9.08.15)

NDTV:  Earth's CT Scan Shows How Hawaii and Iceland Were Born (9.08.15)

PVSM.ru: Seismologists from Berkeley created a 3D-map of the deep layers of the Earth (9.08.15)

Chennai: Earth's CT scan shows how Hawaii and Iceland were born (9.08.15)

Pan European Networks: Scientists produce Earth’s CT (9.08.15)

Star Advertiser: CT scan of earth shows volcanic hot spots (9.08.15)

Star Advertiser: First-ever simulation shows Earth's interior, connects Hawaii's hot spots (9.07.15)

Sierra Sun Times: UC Berkeley Seismologists CT Scan of Earth Links Deep Mantle Plumes with Volcanic Hotspots (9.07.15)

Updated News.ca: Earth’s First CT Scan Shows Volcanic Hotspots (9.05.15)

IRORIO (Japan): Earth's CT scan (9.03.15)

ANSA (Italy): Earth's CT Scan, It Reveals the Origin of Volcanic Islands (9.03.15)

Christian Science Monitor: Increasingly, droughts and heat waves are happening at the same time (9.02.15)

Science Newsline: CT Scan of Earth Links Deep Mantle Plumes with Volcanic Hotspots (9.02.15)

Daily Mail: How Hawaii and Iceland were born: Stunning 'CT scans' of the Earth's interior reveal vast plumes under the ocean feeding volcanic hotspots (9.02.15)

Tech Briefs: What Makes Quantum Dots Blink? (9.02.15)

Focus (Italy): The core of the Earth to X-rays (9.02.15)

Scientific Computing: Scalable Tool Enables Linux Container, User-defined Image Deployment in HPC Environment (9.01.15)

Phys.org: System designed to store and analyze extremely large array-structured data (9.01.15)

Phys.org: A scalable tool for deploying Linux containers in high-performance computing (9.01.15)

August 2015

insideHPC: Edison Supercomputer Creates 3D Map of Adolescent Universe (8.31.15)

Scientific Computing: Accelerating Scientific Analysis with the SciDB Open Source Database System (8.31.15)

Scientific Computing World: NERSC supercomputer creates 3D map of adolescent universe (8.27.15)

insideHPC: Accelerating Science with SciDB from NERSC (8.27.15)

The Weather Network: Earth just had its hottest month of ANY month ever recorded (8.23.15)

Washington Post: Scientists are still trying to figure out how fast we could lose West Antarctica (8.21.15)

The Platform: Supercomputer Force Knocks Human Genome Assembly Under 9 Minutes (8.20.15)

HPCwire: Moving Down the Path Toward Code Modernization (8.19.15)

Scientific American: How Much Will Antarctica and Greenland Ice Raise Seas? (8.18.15)

insideHPC: HPC People on the Move – August Edition (Glenn Lockwood & David Donofrio) (8.17.15)

SpectroscopyNOW: Fluctuation X-ray scattering: Mathematical solution (8.15.15)

Wireless Design Development: Smart Imaging of Materials Lets National labs Look to Solving Big Energy Problems (8.13.15)

ISGTW: Simplifying and accelerating genome assembly (8.12.15)

ISGTW: Bring the universe into your home (8.12.15)

AZOnano: Berkeley Lab’s M-TIP Solves Reconstruction Problem for Fluctuation X-Ray Scattering (8.12.15)

insideHPC: Interview: Erich Strohmaier & Jack Dongarra on Latest TOP500 (8.11.15)

GenomeWeb: JGI to Grant $1.2M to Genomic Technology Projects  (8.11.15)

Nanotechnology Now: New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging: Berkeley Lab's M-TIP solves the reconstruction problem for fluctuation X-ray scattering (8.11.15)

R&D Magazine: New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging (8.11.15)

Phys.Org: New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging (8.10.15)

Daily Cal: UC Berkeley helps lead accelerated data sharing between top West Coast research institutions (8.10.15)

ECNmag: Mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging (8.10.15)

Popyard: New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imag (8.10.15)

Nanowerk: New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging (8.10.15)

Lab Manager: Researchers Building High-Speed Data "Freeway" (8.06.15)

domain-b: 1,000 times faster data freeway coming up in the US (8.06.15)

Phys.Org: Researchers building high-speed data 'freeway system' (8.05.15)

NY City News: UC Berkeley and UC San Diego to Jointly Develop 1000 Times Faster Data Transfer Freeway (8.05.15)

Techwire.net: UC San Diego, UC Berkeley to Lead Development of West Coast Big Data ‘Freeway’ (8.04.15)

Machines Like Us: Scientist explains fusion reactor heat loss problem (8.04.2015)

Government Technology: Two California Universities to Establish West Coast Big Data ‘Freeway’ (8.04.15)

FedTech: Feds Use SDN to Support Scientific Research (8.03.15)

R&D Magazine: Explanation proposed for puzzling electron heat loss in fusion plasmas (8.03.15)

R&D Magazine: Scientists curve nanoparticle sheets into complex forms (8.03.15)

July 2015

Scientific Computing: Data Deluge Pushes Mass Spec Imaging to New Heights (7.31.15)

ANL: Bend me, shape me, any way you want me: Scientists curve nanoparticle sheets into complex forms (7.31.2015)

Nanotechnology Now: Meet the high-performance single-molecule diode (7.29.15)

LBNL: Meet the high-performance single-molecule diode (7.29.2015)

PNNL: Playing 'tag' with pollution lets scientists see who's 'it' (7.29.2015)

ASCR Discovery: Zooming In (7.15.15)

DataCentres.com: InfiniCortex adds new nodes in Poland and France (7.14.15)

Symmetry Magazine: More data, no problem (7.09.15)

The Official SC15 Blog: 1988 Gordon Bell Prize Creates Foundation for Successful HPC Career (7.08.15)

ORNL: Science DMZ Set to Expedite Data In and Out of ORNL (7.07.15)

Innovation:  Speeding Up Genome Assembly, from Months to Minutes (7.05.15)

June 2015

insideHPC: RCE Podcast Looks at the Fasterdata Knowledge Database (6.21.15)

CIO: Japan takes back first place on Top 500 supercomputer list (6.20.15)

RCE (Podcast): RCE 100: Fasterdata (6.19.15)

Light Reading:  Ciena Joins SARNET to Target SDN security (6.18.15)

EETimes (Europe): Quantum dot blinking - a problem solved? (6.16.15)

Science Newsline: Unravelling the Mysteries of Carbonic Acid (6.16.15)

San Jose Mercury News: Berkeley lab scientists search Amazon for clues to impacts of climate change, drought (6.15.15)

Contra Costa Times: Berkeley lab scientists search Amazon for clues to impacts of climate change, drought (6.15.15)

Silicon India News: 10 Greatest Female Inventors Who Transformed The World (6.11.15)

ISGTW: Supernova hunting with supercomputers (6.10.15)

Phys.Org: President Obama names scientists Pellegrini and Shank as 2014 Enrico Fermi Award recipients (6.8.15)

Antpedia: Graphene "break new ground" (6.8.15)

Go Parallel:  Supercomputer Helps Spy Supernova-Star Collision (6.5.15)

Federal Computer Week: Hadron collider data tap open again (6.4.15)

Virtualization Review: New Open Network Operating System Released (6.3.15)

Scientific Computing: Supernova Hunting with Supercomputers (6.3.15)

Phys.Org: Researchers learn to control graphene with lasers (6.3.15)

Triple Pundit: Dark Fibre: Can it Free Consumers from Paying for Expensive but Slow Broadband? (6.1.15)

Scicasts: Novel Algorithms and Computational Techniques Speed Up Genome Assembly (6.1.15)

ACM Communications: Deciphering the 'Book of Life' With Supercomputers (6.1.15)

Triple Pundit: Dark Fibre: Can it Free Consumers from Paying for Expensive but Slow Broadband? (6.1.15)

Primeur Magazine: Meraculous: Deciphering the 'book of life' with supercomputers (6.1.15)

May 2015

Salon: Why Bill Nye really pissed off the Ted Cruz right: It’s no longer possible avoid talking about climate change (5.29.15)

Enterprise Networking Planet: Much Ado about Hyperscale Architectures (5.29.15)

R&D Mag: Spiraling laser pulses could change graphene (5.28.15)

ASCR Discovery: Program takes long, deep view below Earth’s evolving surface (5.28.15)

GCN: Steering clear of ‘sneakernet’ at big-data scale (5.27.15)

Commputer World (Singapore): Research community looks to SDN to help distribute data from the Large Hadron Collider (5.27.15)

Network World: Research community looks to SDN to help distribute data from the Large Hadron Collider (5.26.15)

CIO:  Research community looks to SDN to help distribute data from the Large Hadron Collider (5.26.15)

PAP (Poland): Polowanie na supernowe za pomocą superkomputerów (5.25.15)

Go Sport Times: Cloud Computing Facilities Implementations and Costs Planning (5.23.15)

Go Sport Times: What is Cloud Computing? (5.23.15)

Yahoo News (UK): Rare Supernova Burst Shines Light on Its Mysterious Origins (5.22.15)

Atlas Obscura: The Race to Build the World's Greatest Supercomputer (5.22.15)

Daily Mail: Supernova shockwave spotted hitting a red giant could solve cosmic mystery (5.21.15)

Red Orbit: Astronomers witness supernova crash into star (5.21.15)

Space.com: Rare Supernova Burst Shines Light on Its Mysterious Origins (5.21.15)

Nanowek: Supernova hits star, results shocking (5.20.15)

Phys.Org: Astronomers observe a supernova colliding with its companion star (5.20.15)

Astronomy Magazine: Astronomers observe a supernova colliding with its companion star (5.20.15)

Tech Times: Supernova Material Collides With White Dwarf Companion - What Did This Teach Astronomers About The Universe? (5.20.15)

The Platform: The What And Why Of Burst Buffers (5.19.15)

Astronomy Now:  Supernova observed colliding with its companion star (5.17.15)

DOE Office of Science: ESnet Enhances Scientific Productivity Around the Globe (5.14.15)

The Register: OpenFlow busts out of the data centre with 15,000-route Pacific test (5.12.15)

Fibre Systems: Open source routers communicate across continents (5.11.15)

New York Times: A Climate-Modeling Strategy That Won’t Hurt the Climate (5.11.2015)

SDN Zone: Successful Deployment of Software-defined Peering Router Announced (5.11.15)

itNews (Australia): Australia-US project achieves SDN routing breakthrough (5.08.15)

insideHPC: Fortran Still Going Strong (5.07.15)

Scientific Computing World: Electrolyte genome to accelerate battery discovery (5.07.15)

Converge: ONOS-Based Peering Router Enters Pacific Deployment (5.06.15)

Telecoms Briefing: Coalition Announces Global Breakthrough for Software-Defined Networking (5.06.15)

Light Reading:  Open Source Router Connects US, Australia (5.06.15)

Light Reading:Coalition Boasts Trans-Pacific SDN Breakthrough (5.06.15)

Berkeley Engineering: Award-winning computer scientist opening doors for fellow Latinas (5.05.15)

Science Guide: Ultra-fast internet for big data flows (5.05.15)

R&D Magazine: Channeling valleytronics in graphene (5.0515)

Berkeley Engineer: Simplify: The RISC story (5.01.15)

April 2015

Education Dive: New agreement protects U.S. and European research networks (4.30.15)

Primeur Weekly: Scientists get ultra-fast and robust network across the Atlantic Ocean (4.29.15)

Scientific Computing: Cray XC40 will be First Supercomputer in Berkeley Lab’s New Computational Research and Theory Facility (4.23.15)

National Geographic Italia: Un clima sempre più estremo (4.22.15)

HPCWire: NERSC Invites Haswell-Based Cray XC40 Into Cori Fold (4.22.15)

Phys.Org: NERSC, Cray move forward with next-generation scientific computing (4.22.15)

Product Design & Development: Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility Gears Up for Supercomputer (4.21.15)

The Platform: Memory Technology Flashes Good, Bad, and Ugly (4.20.15)

insideHPC: Interview: A*STAR to Spotlight Singapore at ISC High Performance (4.20.15)

EE | Times Europe: Could Electrolyte Genome accelerate search for battery winners? (4.17.15)

AG Professional: Strategy to derive a sequence assembly for plant genome of bread wheat (4.17.15)

HPCWire: Application Readiness at the DOE, Part II: NERSC Preps for Cori (4.17.15)

Technology.Org: Application Readiness Projects Selected to Prepare for Next-generation Summit Supercomputer (4.16.15)

insideHPC: OLCF Moves Forward on Application Readiness for Summit Supercomputer (4.15.15)

Phys.Org: OLCF selects application readiness projects to prepare for Summit supercomputer (4.15.15)

HPCWire: OLCF Selects Application Readiness Projects to Prepare for Summit Supercomputer (4.15.15)

HPCWire: Summit Puts 13 Code Projects Into Readiness Program (4.15.15)

AZOnano: Researchers Exploit Bimetallic Nanocrystals into Nanoframes to Synthesize Durable Electrocatalysts (4.12.15)

National Geographic: Extreme Weather: 13 Striking Pictures (4.11.15)

ECN Magainze: Accelerating materials discovery with world's largest database of elastic properties (4.06.15)

Print Electronics World: Organic photovoltaics experiments showcase HPC 'superfacility' concept (4.06.15)

insideHPC: LBNL to Help Create Standard 3D Neuron Model (4.03.15)

Medical Design Technology: Reconstructing Individual Neurons in 3D (4.02.15)

Medical Xpress:Researchers and supercomputers to help create a standard 3D neuron model (4.01.15)

PsyPost: BigNeuron: Researchers and supercomputers create a standard 3D neuron model (4.01.15)

Technology.Org:BigNeuron: Unlocking the Secrets of the Human Brain (4.01.15)

March 2015

News Medical: Allen Institute for Brain Science leads international effort to advance analysis of single neurons (3.31.15)

ZDnet: ​Intel's next big thing: Knights Landing Xeon Phi (3.26.15)

GCN: Balance tape and flash in layered storage mix (3.25.15)

InsideHPC: Preparing for Advanced Manycore Architectures – and Implications on the Interconnect

France2: Silicon Valley : où sont les femmes? (3.8.15) VIDEO

insideHPC: Agenda Posted for Open Fabrics Workshop, March 15-18 in Monterey (3.8.15)

UC Santa Cruz: Astrophysicist Ken Chen wins award for high impact scientific achievement (3.02.15)

February 2015

Ars Technica:  Extreme weather events in our future climate (2.28.15)

Light Reading: Surveillance Law Drives SDN Test From New Zealand (2.28.15)

New Zealand Herald: Juha Saarinen: The chilling effect of tech law (2.27.15)

HPCwire: NERSC Realigns for Enhanced Data Focus (2.26.15)

insideHPC: NERSC Honors HPC Achievement Award Winners (2.26.15)

NBC News: Climate Change Will Hit America in the Breadbasket, Scientists Say (2.24.15)

HPCwire: People to Watch 2015: Katie Antypas (2.24.15)

insideHPC: LBNL Joins OpenMP ARB (2.22.15)

insideHPC: New Algorithm for Real-Time Simulations in Materials Research (2.21.15)

FedTech: NFV Is Coming to Federal Agencies (2.20.15)

Herald Online: OpenMP ARB Announces Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as New Member (2.18.15)

insideHPC: Katie Antypas to Keynote OFA Developer’s Workshop (2.18.15)

KTVU (FOX 2):  OAKLAND: Team of Oakland girls builds apps during international hackathon (2.16.15)

Communications of the ACM: DOE Pilots Big Data Infrastructure Projects (2.12.15)

SPIE: Searching for optical transient and variable sources with the Palomar Transient Factory (2.12.15)

Pakistan Defence: One of the world’s best supercomputers lands in Saudi Arabia (2.11.15)

Government Computer News: DOE pilots big data infrastructure projects (2.10.15)

Newsmax: Can Global Warming Lead to Dust Bowl's Return? 4 Scientists Discuss Possibility (2.09.15)

HPCwire: Practical Advice for Knights Landing Coders (2.05.15)

HPCWire: Obama’s 2016 Budget Boosts R&D, Exascale Funding (2.04.15)

Technology.org: Pinpointing the magnetic moments of nuclear matter (2.03.15)

Phys.Org: Pinpointing the magnetic moments of nuclear matter (2.02.15)

January 2015

Insead Knowledge: Could IBM Become the Nokia of Supercomputers? (1.28.15)

DOE Pulse: On the right track for tropical clouds (2.26.15)

Go Parallel: 2014: The Year Supercomputers Got Faster and Cooler (2.07.15)

HPCwire: Weekly Twitter Roundup (2.02.25)