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December 30, 2019

December 2019

Computer Weekly: Top 10 information management stories of 2019 (12.30.2019)

insideHPC: Video: I/O Architectures and Technology (12.26.2019)

Eos: Hackathon Speeds Progress Toward Climate Model Collaboration (12.23.2019)

HPCwire: What's New in HPC Research: Particle Accelerators, Brain Science, the Supercomputing Institute & More (12.18.2019)

Design News: Here comes affordable large-scale grid storage for renewables (12.16.2019)

HPCwire: On the Spack track @SC19 (12.5.2019)

November 2019

Berkeley News: Underwater telecom cables make superb seismic network (11.28.2019)

HPCwire: ESnet to Demo New Programmable Network Services at SC19 (11.19.2019)

Lab Manager Magazine: Etalumis 'Reverses' Simulations to Reveal New Science (11.16.2019)

Homeland Security News Wire: National Labs Host DOE CyberForce Competition (11.14.2019)

phys.org: Etalumis 'reverses' simulations to reveal new science (11.13.2019)

phys.org: Deep neural networks speed up weather and climate models (11.13.2019)

insideHPC: Department of Energy to Showcase World-Leading Science at SC19 (11.12.2019)

Traffic Technology Today: Berkeley Lab and Caltrans use ‘ensemble learning’ for real-time traffic analysis (11.11.2019)

insideHPC: Deep Learning on Summit Supercomputer Powers Insights for Nuclear Waste Remediation (11.9.2019)

EIN Presswire: Five College Teams to Converge at Berkeley Lab for DOE CyberForce Competition (11.8.2019)

eeNews Power Management: Membrane enables low cost flow battery for grid storage (11.8.2019)

The Daily Californian: Berkeley Lab’s largest, fastest supercomputer to be built by 2021 (11.8.2019)

The Daily Californian: Berkeley Lab develops machine learning algorithm to predict traffic flow (11.7.2019)

October 2019

InsideHPC: New Cray ClusterStor E1000 to Power Exascale Workloads (10.30.2019)

R&D World: 2019 R&D 100 Award winners unveiled! (10.29.2019)

Government Technology: Network Deal to Serve as Research, Public Services Vehicle (10.10.2019)

HPCWire: NERSC Hosts HPCXXL, GPFS User Group Meetings (10.8.2019)

Scientific American: Beyond quantum supremacy: the hunt for useful quantum computers (10.3.2019)

Nature: Beyond quantum supremacy: the hunt for useful quantum computers (10.2.2019)

HPCwire: Artwork for NERSC’s Perlmutter System Unveiled (10.2.2019)

September 2019

Nature: Microbial chemistry gains fresh focus (9.24.2019)

Telecompetitor: CENIC and Link Oregon Plan High-Speed Regional Education and Research Network (9.24.2019)

HPCWire: ESnet a Key Partner on Project to Build Novel Network Research Infrastructure (9.17.2019)

Quantaneo: Berkeley Lab Part of Two Five-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Quantum Computing Projects (9.10.2019)

InsideHPC: Podcast: ECP Team Achieves Huge Performance Gain on Materials Simulation Code (9.5.2019)

InsideHPC: Supercomputing Post-Wildfire Water Availability (9.4.2019)

Deixis: Efficiency Surge (9.2019)

August 2019

insideHPC: HPC Innovation Excellence Award Showcases Physics-based Scientific Discovery (8.17.2019)

HPCWire: First Monterey Data Conference does Deep Dive into Deep Learning for Science (8.14.2019)

HPCWire: 2019 ALCC Program Supports 10 Research Teams with 4M Node-Hours at NERSC (8.8.2019)

HPCWire: NERSC’s Computing Resources Reveal a Trigger for Degradation of Battery Electrodes (08.02.2019)

July 2019

phys.org: Scientists piece together the largest U.S.-based dark matter experiment (7.17.2019)

HPCWire: NERSC Hosts First 'GPUs for Science' Workshop (7.15.2019)

Scientific Computing World: John Shalf from LBNL on Computing Challenges Beyond Moore’s Law (7.11.2019)

New York Times: As Climate Changes, Hurricanes Get Wetter (7.11.2019)

insideHPC: Supercomputing Potential Impacts of a Major Quake by Building Location and Size (7.10.2019)

Deixis Magazine: Labeling climate (7.9.2019)

Primeur Weekly Magazine: NERSC's Cori system reveals integral role of gluons in proton pressure distribution (7.8.2019)

insideHPC: ISC 2019 Recap from Glenn Lockwood (7.4.2019)

June 2019

HPCwire: Berkeley Lab’s John Shalf Ponders the Future of HPC Architectures (6.27.2019)

myscience: CMU Among First to Pilot New Supercomputer (6.24.2019)

The Frederick News-Post: Hood professor, alumnus working to use computers to identify suicidal ideation (6.24.2019)

phys.org: Mineral discovery made easier: X-ray technique shines a new light on tiny, rare crystals (6.19.2019)

HPCwire: ISC 2019 Research Paper Award Winners Announced (6.19.2019)

arstechnica: Nvidia pushes ARM supercomputing (6.17.2019)

Scientific Computing World: Computing challenges at ISC: beyond Moore's law (6.14.2019)

HPCwire: Final countdown to ISC19: What to see (6.13.2019)

EnterpriseAI: Machine Learning Day Highlights ISC’s AI Lineup  (6.12.2019)

The Next Platform: Where Does Nvidia Go In The Datacenter From Here? (6.5.2019)

May 2019

HPCwire: NERSC Hosts GPU Hackathon for Future Perlmutter Users (5.21.2019)

InsideHPC: GPU Hackathon Gears up for Future Perlmutter Supercomputer (5.21.19)

InsideHPC: CosmoGAN Neural Network to Study Dark Matter (5.18.19)

New York Times: Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Acquire Supercomputer Pioneer Cray (5.17.19)

R&D Magazine: Researchers Train a Neural Network to Study Dark Matter (5.15.19)

HPCwire: Researchers train a neural network to study dark matter (5.14.19)

HPCwire: NERSC’s Edison Supercomputer to Retire After Five Years of Service (5.09.19)

LaserFocusWorld: New simulation tools improve understanding of laser/plasma coupling interactions (5.8.19)

TheNextPlatform: DOE on Collision Course with End of Moore’s Law (5.06.19)

HPCwire: Berkeley Lab Highlights ‘the Little Computer Cluster That Could’ (5.03.19)

photonics.com: Study of Laser/Plasma Interactions Moves Forward with Scalable 3D Simulation Tool (5.02.19)

April 2019

phys.org: A Breakthrough in the Study of Laser/Plasma Interactions (4.24.19)

R&D Magazine: Using Supercomputers to Identify Synthesizable Photocatalysts for Greenhouse CO2 Gas Reduction (4.17.19)

Bio-IT World: Is a Science DMZ the Key to Solving Poor Data Utilization? (4.16.19)

Forbes: Researchers Attempt To Predict & Prevent Suicide Using Deep Learning And Math (4.15.19)

San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco wants to prepare for extreme weather, turns to climate scientists for help (4.10.19)

ScienceNode: The End of an Era (4.10.19)

Machine Design: DoE Builds Large-Scale Quantum Network Testbed (4.10.19)

Phys.org: Research team expands quantum network with successful long-distance entanglement experiment (4.8.19)

The Daily California: Berkeley Lab researchers contribute to program that identifies suicide risks in veterans (4.7.19)

March 2019

insideHPC: ExaLearn Project to bring Machine Learning to Exascale (3.24.19)

insideHPC: NERSC taps NVIDIA compiler team for Perlmutter Supercomputer (3.22.19)

HPCwire: Ice Sheet Modeling Probes Antarctic Vulnerabilities (3.15.19)

EoS: Unused Fiber-Optic Cables Repurposed as Seismic Sensors (3.8.19)

Computer Weekly: How supercomputing is transforming experimental science (3.8.19)

Tribune-Review: Murrysville man joins supercomputing research team at Berkeley Lab (3.4.19)

February 2019

HPCWire: ISC High Performance Keynotes Will Reflect Challenges and Opportunities Ahead (2.28.19)

insideHPC: ClimateNet Looks to Machine Learning for Global Climate Science (2.27.19)

Primeur Magazine: NESAP hosts first NERSC-9 GPU hackathon for application developers (2.20.19)

SciNode: A Surprising New Way to Detect Earthquakes (2.12.19)

Forbes: Wicked Fast Data Transport (2.11.19)

HPCWire: NERSC Tape Archives Make the Move to Berkeley Lab’s Shyh Wang Hall (2.11.19)

insideHPC: Moving Mountains of Data at NERSC (2.11.19)

Civil and Structural Engineer: ‘Dark fiber’ lays groundwork for long-distance earthquake detection and groundwater mapping (2.6.19)

insideHPC: Video: Performance and Productivity in the Big Data Era (2.1.19)

January 2019

WIRED: The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Breaks an AI Record (1.31.19)

OLCF.ORNL.gov: Network Enhancement Strengthens Ties Between OLCF, ESnet (1.17.19)

StatNews.com: Climate change is affecting health now. Our leaders must take action (1.16.19)

HPCwire: ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge Issues Call for Proposals (1.16.19)

insideHPC: Looking Back at SC18 and the Road Ahead to Exascale (1.15.19)

RDmag.com: Nanocrystals Improve When They Double Up with MOFs (1.11.19)

EOS.org: Launching an Accessible Archive of Environmental Data (1.8.19)

fastcompany.com: IBM's quantum computer is now a quantum computing system (1.8.19)

theatlantic.com: A Terrifying Sea-Level Prediction Now Looks Far Less Likely (1.4.19)

Phys.Org: Shining light on recombination mechanisms in solar cell materials (1.4.19)

insideHPC: NERSC: Sierra Snowpack Could Drop Significantly By End of Century (1.1.19)