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December 20, 2020

November 2020

ZDnet: As AI pops up in more and more scientific computing, a new time test measures how fast a neural net can be trained (11.19.2020)

HPCWire: MLPerf Debuts HPC Training Benchmark with Small but Impressive List of Participants (11.18.2020)

HPCWire: DOE to Showcase Scientific Computational Expertise at SC20 (11.10.2020)

InsideHPC: DOE to Provide $32M for Advanced Chemical Sciences Software (11.3.2020)

HPCWire: NERSC Supports COVID-19 Pandemic Response (11.2.2020)

October 2020

HPCWire: NERSC to Host First International Symposium on Checkpointing for Supercomputing SuperCheck21 (10.29.2020)

Yahoo Finance: Infinera Partners with ESnet to Upgrade the World's Most Advanced Scientific Data Network (10.27.2020)

PhysOrg: Reimagining the shape of noise leads to improved molecular models (10.21.2020)

Daily CalBerkeley Lab scientists design automated synthetic biology tool (10.12.2020)

ScienceNode: Charlene Yang, a training course at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre changed her life (10.07.2020)

Mirage NewsBerkeley Lab Technologies Honored With 7 R&D 100 Awards, (10.03.2020)

September 2020

Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) News
Coronavirus, climate change and disasters: 2020 has been a hell of a year (09.26.2020)

Science Daily: New calculation refines comparison of matter with antimatter (09.17.2020)

HPCwire: NERSC hosts virtual GPU hackathon (09.15.2020)

PhysOrg: Lead lab selected for next-generation cosmic microwave background experiment (09.10.2020)

August 2020

Scientific American
: Fast-Moving California Wildfires Boosted by Climate Change (08.24.2020)

National Geographic: Earth is setting heat records. It will be much hotter one day. (08.20.2020)

Mashable: Popular wildlife cam just became a dreadful fire cam (08.20.2020)

Monterey County Weekly: What does the science say about this week’s freak weather? (08.20.2020)

Next Platform TV: Interview with ESnet's Andrew Wiedlea (08.06.2020)

HPCWire: ALCC Program Awards Computing Time on ALCF’s Theta Supercomputer to 24 projects (08.06.2020)

SciTechDaily: Quantum Leap Challenge: UC Berkeley to Lead $25 Million Quantum Computing Center (08.04.2020)

July 2020

What's Needed to Deliver the Nationwide Quantum Internet Blueprint (07.27.2020)

NextGov: Department of Energy Unveils Blueprint for Nationwide, ‘Unhackable’ Quantum Internet (07.24.2020)

BerkeleyNews: New technique to capture CO2 could reduce power plant greenhouse gases (07.23.2020)

HPCwire: Supercomputing Pipeline Aids DESI’s Quest to Create 3D Map of the Universe (07.21.2020)

SciTechDaily: Underground CUPID-Mo Experiment in Search for Theorized ‘Neutrinoless’ Particle Process (07.12.2020)

IEEE: Incoming Editors in Chief Announced for IEEE Computer Society Publications (07.01.2020)

June 2020

Science Daily: Electrochemical reaction powers new drug discoveries

ScienceNode: Paths to HPC: Juliette Ugirumurera (06.24.2020)

Forbes: Japan Just Knocked The U.S. Off The Top Of A Ranking Of The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputers (06.23.2020)

OakRidger: GIGA Data Centers creating new facility in OR (06.18.2020)

EOS: Teaching Machines to Detect Climate Extremes (06.17.2020)

Primeur Magazine: NERSC supercomputing resources help researchers explore how ocean waves change in an evolving climate 06.15.2020)

HPCwire: Erich Strohmaier Retiring After Nearly 20 Years at Berkeley Lab (06.11.2020)

Nature: Artificial-intelligence tools aim to tame the coronavirus literature (06.09.2020)

AZo CleanTech:  Study Sheds New Light on Water Splitting Reaction of Photosynthesis (06.04.2020)

Science Daily: Showtime for Photosynthesis (06.04.2020)

May 2020

SciTech Daily:
Breakthrough in Artificial Photosynthetic System that Produces Clean and Renewable Energy From Sunlight and Water (05.30.2020)

SC Magazine UK: Life on Mars: security in extreme environments (05.28.2020)

SciTech Daily: Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Prepares for Restart After Unexpected Shutdown (05.25.2020)

HPCWire: HPC in Life Sciences 2020 Part 1: Rise of AMD, Data Management’s Wild West, More (05.20.2020)

GCN: Can Machine Learning Predict Spread of Coronavirus? (05.20.2020)

HPCWire: ESnet Appoints Todd Anderson as its Newest Director (05.18.2020)

BioIT World: What We’re Discovering About Scientific Computing During A Pandemic (05.18.2020)

Technology Networks: Neural Network Identifies Gravitational Lenses for Dark Energy Viewing (05.15.2020)

CNet: Nvidia's new data center GPU packs 20 times the performance of its predecessor (05.14.2020)

insideHPC: NVIDIA Launches Ampere Data Center GPU (05.14.2020)

Phys.Org: Making quantum 'waves' in ultrathin materials (05.14.2020)

TheNextPlatform: Future Network Requirements for Large-Scale Science (05.11.2020)

SemiEngineering: Manufacturing Bits May 11, Covid-19 data mining; AI antibody searches; virus modeling (05.11.2020)

Bio·IT World: Eli Dart on Science DMZs, COVID-19, and the Future of Computing Infrastructure (05.11.2020)

Daily Cal: Quantum: What is it, what does it mean, how is it applied? (05.11.2020)

HPCwireSupercomputer-Powered Text-Mining Tool Combs Through COVID-19 Studies (05.01.2020)

Science NodeCan data centers be more energy efficient? We can minimize energy and increase use, says Melissa Romanus, data management engineer at NERSC (05.11.2020)

April 2020

PhysOrg: Water is key in catalytic conversion of methane to methanol (04.30.2020)

VN Express: Mô phỏng 3D đầu tiên của siêu tân tinh (04.30.20)

Global Science: Supernova in 3D (04.27.2020)

Science Plus: Millions of hours of supercomputing to simulate an extreme supernova (04.27.2020)

PhysOrg: World's first 3-D simulations of superluminous supernovae (04.27.2020)

HPCwire: ESnet’s iperf3 Tool Helps Comcast Meet Customer Demand During COVID-19 ISP Surge (04.22.2020)

The Next Platform: Python Delivers Big On Complex Unlabeled Data (04.15.2020)

Renewable Energy Magazine: Harnessing the Power of Exascale for Wind Turbine Simulations (04.13.2020)

Machine Design: National Labs Join Fight against COVID-19 (04.09.2020)

HPCWire: ExaWind: Preparing Wind Energy Simulations for Multi-turbine Exascale Era (04.08.2020)

InsideHPC: NERSC Supercomputer to Help Fight Coronavirus (04.04.2020)

HPCWire: NERSC, ESnet Continue to Deliver Supercomputing, Networking Support for Nation’s Scientists During Pandemic (04.02.2020)

HPCWire: ECP Milestone Report Details Progress and Directions (04.01.2020)

March 2020

 Researchers Optimize Solar Energy Research Tool for Exascale Applications  (03.09.2020)

SciTechDaily: ‘Strange’ Glimpse Into Neutron Stars and Violations of Fundamental Symmetries in the Universe SciTechDaily (03.09.2020)

TensorFlow Blog: Simulating the Universe in TensorFlow (03.06.2020)

February 2020

Built In: Everything you wanted to know about quantum computing

insideHPC: LBNL Breaks New Ground in Data Center Optimization (02.19.2020)

HPCwire: Berkeley Lab to Tackle Particle Physics with Quantum Computing (02.18.2020)

HPCwire: Quantum Internet Workshop Begins Mapping the Future of Quantum Communications (02.12.2020)

HPCwire: Exascale Computing Project Announces Staff Changes Within Software Technology Group (02.12.2020)

insideHPC: Compendium of articles published on Numerical Algorithms for HPC Science (02.10.2020)

The Next Platform: Using Bayesian Inference To Reverse Engineer Decades Of HPC (02.04.2020)

January 2020

Datanami: NOAA Updates its Massive Climate Dataset

HPCwire: NERSC Announces 2019 Early Career HPC Achievement Awards (01.13.2020)

WIRED: Computers Are Learning to See in Higher Dimensions (01.12.2020)

HPCWire: KISTI Boosts Korea’s Key Science Applications with the Science Super Highway (01.02.2020)