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DOE INCITE Program Awards Large Allocations at NERSC to Study Supernovae, Fusion Energy, Climate Change, Combustion, Chemistry and Accelerator Design

January 8, 2007

BERKELEY, Calif. — The U.S. Department of Energy announced today that it has allocated a large amount of supercomputing resources from the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as part of an initiative to accelerate scientific research and promote innovations in public institutions and private industry. Read More »

CRD Nanoscience Project Awarded 1.5 Million Hours under DOE INCITE Program

January 8, 2007

“Linear Scale Electronic Structure Calculations for Nanostructures,” led by Lin-Wang Wang of CRD's Scientific Computing Group, was awarded 1.5 million processor-hours on the Cray XT3 supercomputer at Oak Ridge. Co-investigators are Juan Meza and Zhengji Zhao, both of CRD. Read More »