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Safety Culture Initiative


Safety was named as one of Lab Director Paul Alivisatos’s strategic goals in his January 2010 State of the Lab address. A DuPont Safety Culture Survey was sent to the Lab community in November 2010. Results indicate there are several areas for improvement, both at the institutional level and at the divisional level.

EHS staff presented a summary of the CS, CRD, NERSC, and OSF safety culture survey results to the CS Safety Committee on April 1, 2011. A copy of this presentation, along with detailed results for each group can be downloaded below.

While there are some differences between the divisions, the results show several opportunities for improvement:

  • Belief that injuries can be prevented
  • Involvement in safety
  • Recognition of safety achievements by the organization
  • Off-the-job safety

Areas where Computing Sciences could consider making changes were “supervisor and manager accountability for safety” (specifically in CS) and “frequency of safety meetings.”

CS management and the CS Safety Committee will review these issues and formulate responses to improve our safety culture.