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ESnet’s Inder Monga Brings High Performance Networking to Maker Faire

In addition to answering questions about DOE’s high performance scientific network, ESnet Interim Director Inder Monga also led a hands-on demonstration of perfSONAR at the Bay Area Maker Faire held May 20-22 at the San Mateo County Event Center. Read More »


Warm Dense Crystallography: Using Supercomputers and Lasers to Dig Deeper into WDM

May 23, 2016 Tags: Edison, NERSC

Researchers from the University of Washington are using supercomputers at NERSC and data from X-ray free-electron laser experiments to gain new insights into warm dense matter, one of the most challenging aspects of contemporary plasma physics. Read More »


NERSC Helps Cray Surprise an Inquisitive High School Student

May 23, 2016

Hugo Villanueva of John F. Kennedy Middle College High School in Southern California was trying to calculate the probability of surviving a zombie apocalypse, but his handheld calculator couldn’t handle the problem. So he wrote a letter to Cray Inc. asking for help. Read More »


Berkeley Lab’s OpenMSI Licensed to ImaBiotech

May 19, 2016 Tags: CRD, NERSC

Two years ago, Berkeley Lab researchers developed OpenMSI—the most advanced computational tool for analyzing and visualizing mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) data. Now, OpenMSI has been licensed to support ImaBiotech’s Multimaging™ technology in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic research and development. Read More »


NERSC Burst Buffer Early User Program Wins ‘Best Paper’ at CUG2016

May 11, 2016 Tags: Conference Awards, CRD, NERSC

A new paper outlining NERSC’s Burst Buffer Early User Program and the center’s pioneering efforts to test drive the technology using real science applications on Cori Phase 1 has won the Best Paper award at this year’s Cray User Group (CUG) meeting. Read More »


Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences Inspires at National Science Bowl

Three members of the Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences staff talked to thousands of high school and middle school students at the National Science Bowl last week. They spoke about the wide-range of research being conducted at two of DOE’s most productive user facilities. Read More »


Could Aluminum Nitride Produce Quantum Bits?

May 2, 2016 Tags: Edison, NERSC

The leading method for creating quantum bits, or qubits, currently involves exploiting the structural defects in diamonds. But using NERSC resources, University of Chicago researchers found that the same defect could be engineered in cheaper aluminum nitride. If confirmed by experiments, this could significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing quantum technologies. Read More »


Berkeley Lab Staff Make Key Contributions to National Lab Science Day on Capitol Hill

April 22, 2016

Forty staff members from across the DOE national lab complex helped convey the labs’ contributions and achievements to Congressional members and staff April 20 during National Lab Science Day. Read More »


CRD’s Xiaoye "Sherry" Li Named 2016 SIAM Fellow

March 31, 2016 Tags: Career Awards, CRD

CRD's Xiaoye “Sherry” Li has been named a 2016 fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Li is being recognized for advances in the development of fast and scalable sparse matrix algorithms and fostering their use in large-scale scientific and engineering applications. Read More »


Could Material Defects Actually Improve Solar Cells?

March 21, 2016

Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are using supercomputers to study what may seem paradoxical: certain defects in silicon solar cells may actually improve their performance. Read More »