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CRD’s Oliker New Lead for DOE’s SUPER Project

August 19, 2015 Tags: CRD

Leonid “Lenny” OIiker of the Computational Research Division has stepped in as the leader of the Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy, and Resilience, or SUPER, an HPC performance project that's part of DOE's SciDAC Program. Read More »


Ice Sheet Model Reveals Most Comprehensive Projections for West Antarctica’s Future

August 18, 2015

A new international study is the first to use a high-resolution, large-scale computer model to estimate how much ice the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could lose over the next couple of centuries, and how much that could add to sea-level rise. Read More »


CRD’s Buluç Receives 2015 IEEE TCSC Award for Excellence for Early Career Researchers

August 13, 2015 Tags: Awards, Career Awards, CRD

Aydin Buluç of the Computational Research Division has been named a recipient of the 2015 IEEE TCSC Award for Excellence for Early Career Researchers. Buluç is one of three recipients of this year’s award, which will be presented at the SC15 conference in November. Read More »

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NERSC's ‘Shifter’ Makes Container-based HPC a Breeze

August 11, 2015

To facilitate the use of container-based computing in HPC, NERSC is enabling Docker-like container technology on its systems through its new, customized - and soon to be open source - software tool, Shifter. Read More »


New Mathematics Advances the Frontier of Macromolecular Imaging

August 10, 2015 Tags: CRD

Berkeley Lab researchers have introduced new mathematical theory and an algorithm, which they call "Multi-tiered iterative phasing (M-TIP)," to solve the reconstruction problem from fluctuation X-ray scattering data. This approach is an important step in unlocking the door to new advances in biophysics and has the promise of ushering in new tools to help solve some of the most challenging problems in the life sciences. Read More »


Computing Sciences Staff Help East Bay High Schoolers Upgrade their Summer

August 6, 2015 Tags: Outreach

Thirty-eight students from 10 East Bay high schools registered for Laney College's eight-week "Upgrade: Computer Science Program." Berkeley Lab's participation grew out of a career pathways workshop where Jon Bashor of Computing Sciences met Laney College’s Johnnie Williams, who developed and led the program. Read More »


Jarrod McClean, 2015 Alvarez Fellow

August 1, 2015 Tags: Alvarez Fellows

Meet Jarrod McClean, the 2015 Alvarez Fellow. Read More »


New Employee Profiles - August 2015

August 1, 2015

Introducing Jarrod McClean, Glenn Lockwood and Evan Racah. Read More »

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A New Record, CRD Hosts Six CSGF Fellows

July 21, 2015 Tags: CRD

This year, Berkeley Lab’s CRD is hosting six fellows from the Department of Energy’s CSGF program.These fellows represent some of the nation’s brightest graduate students in computational science. Each student is pursing a doctoral degree in a field that uses supercomputing to solve complex science and engineering problems. Read More »


‘Data Deluge’ Pushes Mass Spec Imaging to New Heights

July 15, 2015

Berkeley Lab researchers are combining mathematical theory and scalable algorithms with computational resources at NERSC to address growing data-management challenges in climate research, high-energy physics and the life sciences. Read More »