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New Funding for CAMERA

DOE awards $10.5 million to expand the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA), which will develop computational mathematics for experimental facilities research.


ESnet's Science DMZ Greenlights Collaboration

Pioneered by ESnet, the Science DMZ network configuration creates the openness scientists need for collaboration without breaking security, making it the standard for research institutions today.


CS Staff Honored with Director's Award

Five employees in the Computing Sciences organization staff members are recipients of this year’s Director’s Award for Exceptional Achievement.


Celeste: A New Model for Cataloging the Universe

A Berkeley Lab-based research collaboration has unveiled Celeste, a statistical inference model designed to enhance one of modern astronomy’s most time-tested tools: sky surveys.

french plumes 950x400

Hotspots Linked to Mantle Plumes

CT scans and simulations run at NERSC have conclusively linked plumes of hot rock rising through the mantle with volcanic hotspots that create chains of islands.