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Streaming Ptychographic Experiments

Real-time ptychographic data streaming in a production environment began nearly a decade ago as a Berkeley Lab LDRD proposal—now it's a reality. And it's already changing the way scientists run Advanced Light Source experiments.

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Ptychographic Reconstruction

A new model developed by a team of researchers, including Berkeley Lab scientists, enhances SHARP's ptychographic image reconstruction capabilities. Ptychographic x-ray imaging is primarily used to characterize the structure and properties of matter and materials.

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2018 Gruber Cosmology Prize

The Planck Team—including researchers in Berkeley Lab’s Computational Research (CRD) and Physics divisions—have been awarded the 2018 Gruber Cosmology Prize.

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Project Jupyter Wins ACM Award

The Project Jupyter team has been honored with an ACM Software System Award for developing a tool that has had a lasting influence on computing. Project Jupyter evolved an effort pioneered by CRD's Fernando Pérez.


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    Berkeley Researchers Use Machine Learning to Search Science Data

    June 18, 2018: Science Search, a web-based search engine for scientific data is currently being developed by a team of researchers in Berkeley Lab's CRD and NERSC. The team is also developing innovative machine learning tools to pull contextual information from scientific datasets and automatically generate metadata tags for each file. As a proof-of-concept, the team is working with staff at the Molecular Foundry, to demonstrate the concepts of Science Search on the images captured by the facility's instruments. Read More »

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    CRD Post-doc Goes from Medical Devices to Mars Landing

    June 15, 2018: Applied mathematician Mike MacNeil joined the Computational Research Division’s Analytics and Visualization group as a postdoctoral researcher in August 2017, where he is developing new methods and software tools for helping scientists improve their understanding of voluminous and complex, time-varying 3D image-based data acquired by experiments run at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source. Read More »

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    Physicists and Machine Learning Experts Team Up to Tackle the TrackML Challenge

    June 11, 2018: Machine learning experts, computer scientists and physicists have partnered with Kaggle on the TrackML Particle Tracking Challenge, a competition designed to inspire the development of an algorithm that can quickly reconstruct particle tracks from 3D coordinates left in silicon particle detectors following millions of particle collisions. Read More »