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Simulations Pinpoint Defects in Solar Cell Nanostructures

Atomic-level calculations helped ID the root cause of structural defects in nanomaterials used in fabricating solar cells and other devices.


Largest Simulation of a Quantum Computer

Researchers used NERSC's Cori supercomputer and CRD's Roofline Toolkit to successfully simulate a 45-qubit circuit, the largest simulation of a quantum computer ever achieved.


Speeding Up Chemistry Calculations

A new math “shortcut” is speeding up molecular absorption calculations by a factor of five, so simulations that used to take 10 to 15 hours to compute can now be done in approximately 2.5 hours


HPC Aids More Efficient Paper Manufacturing

Simulations run at Berkeley Lab as part of the HPC4Mfg project could help U.S. paper manufacturers significantly reduce production costs and increase energy efficiencies.


Roofline Boosts Manycore Optimization

A software toolkit developed in Berkeley Lab's CRD to better understand supercomputer performance is now being used to boost application performance for researchers running codes at NERSC and other HPC facilities.