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“Minimalist Machine Learning” Algorithms

Berkeley Lab mathematicians have developed highly efficient neural networks for analyzing experimental scientific images from limited training data.

ElCerrito high Dataday

Big Data Day for Students

Lab Hosts El Cerrito High School IT Academy for Hands-on Data Analysis Workshop, Tour and Career Exploration

Quincy and Suren

Delivering Efficient Parallel I/O with HDF5

In this podcast, CRD's Suren Byna and NERSC's Quincey Koziol talk about delivering efficient parallel I/O with HDF5 on exascale computing systems.


Making Blockchains More Robust

In the last few years, researchers at Berkeley Lab helped to develop a new protocol, called BChain, which makes private blockchain even more robust.

DARPA Big Data

The Modern Research Data Portal

Networking experts from ESnet and Globus have designed a faster, more reliable and secure approach for sharing big data science research.