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ArrayUDF 1

Big Scientific Array Data Analysis with ArrayUDF

Last year, ArryUDF helped the LIGO collaboration discover two colliding neutron stars, a never before seen cosmic event that is providing valuable insights into the origin of the universe’s heavy elements.


Deciphering the Cosmos with HPC Simulations

Using supercomputers at NERSC, scientists in the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument collaboration are creating simulated universes to better understand real-world observations.

NeuronMatrix HP

Beta Version of Neurodata Software Now Available

Neuroscientists can now explore a beta version of the new Neurodata Without Borders: Neurophysiology (NWB:N 2.0) software and offer input to developers.


ESnet’s Petascale DTN Speeds up Data Transfers

The project has showed sustained disk-to-disk, end-to-end transfer rates of 1 petabyte per week between major U.S. supercomputer facilities.

KenChenturbulentgas hp

Heavy Metal: How First Supernovae Altered Star Formation

Astrophysicists ran simulations at NERSC to examine how the first supernovae influenced star formation and, along with it, cosmic evolution.