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A New Era for Cosmology?

Discovered! The first ever multiply-imaged gravitationally-lensed Type Ia supernova. With more of these events, researchers could measure the universe's expansion rate within four percent accuracy. Berkeley researchers do have a method for finding more.


Kathy Yelick Among New Fellows Elected to AAAS

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has elected 228 new members, including Associate Director of Computing Sciences Kathy Yelick.


NWChem’s Planewave Now “Purring” on Intel’s KNL Nodes

This milestone ensures that computational chemists are prepared to compute efficiently on next-gen exascale machines.

storm lines 25 100 km hp1

Catching Extreme Waves

Using decades of global climate data generated at a spatial resolution of about 25 km squared, Berkeley Lab researchers were able to capture the formation of tropical cyclones and the extreme waves that they generate.