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Quantum Computing for Science

Two Berkeley Lab teams will receive a total of $3 million per year to develop near-term quantum computing platforms and tools for scientific discovery in the chemical sciences.

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A TOAST for Next-Gen CMB Experiments

Researchers in C3 recently achieved a critical milestone in preparation for upcoming CMB experiments: scaling their data simulation and reduction framework TOAST to run on all 658,784 Knights Landing processors on NERSC’s Cori.

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What's Behind Unruly Fusion Plasma Behavior?

New multiscale simulations run at NERSC are making it easier to more accurately predict plasma behavior in a tokamak reactor. Turns out electron energy transport is key.

Sally and Derek HP

Partnership Targets Better Cancer Drugs

Sally Ellingson and Derek Jones of the University of Kentucky, Lexington, spent the summer working in CRD to use machine learning to enhance a model for predicting how drugs will bind to specific proteins.

DOE Early Career 2017

Two CS Researchers Receive DOE Early Career Awards

ESnet's Mariam Kiran and CRD's Lin Lin have both received 2017 Early Career Research Program awards from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.