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Extracting Structure From Limited Data

A new algorithmic framework called M-TIP utilizes advanced math techniques to determine 3D molecular structure of nanoobjects like proteins and viruses from very sparse sets of noisy, single-particle data.

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Will Brain-Inspired Chips Make a Dent in Science’s Big Data Problems?

Two Berkeley Lab teams are running experiments on IBM’s TrueNorth to find out

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Simulations Pinpoint Defects in Solar Cell Nanostructures

Atomic-level calculations helped ID the root cause of structural defects in nanomaterials used in fabricating solar cells and other devices.


Largest Simulation of a Quantum Computer

Researchers used NERSC's Cori supercomputer and CRD's Roofline Toolkit to successfully simulate a 45-qubit circuit, the largest simulation of a quantum computer ever achieved.


Speeding Up Chemistry Calculations

A new math “shortcut” is speeding up molecular absorption calculations by a factor of five, so simulations that used to take 10 to 15 hours to compute can now be done in approximately 2.5 hours