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Quantum Dot Nanocluster

What the Blank Makes Quantum Dots Blink?

Calculations confirm that surface flaws are behind fluorescence intermittency in silicon nanocrystals.


Meraculous: Decoding the ‘Book of Life’

Novel Berkeley algorithms and computational techniques speed up genome assembly, from months to minutes.


Computational Supernova Hunt Finds Origin Story

Using a “roadmap” of theoretical calculations and supercomputer simulations performed at NERSC by Berkeley Lab’s Daniel Kasen, astronomers confirm one of two competing theories about the birth of Type Ia supernovae.


Modeling Fluid Dynamics

Berkeley scientists are breaking new ground in the modeling of complex flows in energy, oil and gas applications with a computational fluid dynamics and transport code called "Chombo-Crunch."

daniUshizima 950x400

Ushizima Receives DOE Early Career Award

The Computational Research Division's Daniela Ushizima has received a 2015 Early Career Research Program award from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.