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Unveiled: Earth’s Viral Diversity

Researchers at DOE's Joint Genome Institute use NERSC resources to identify 125,000 new viral sequences in environmental datasets.


DOE Invests $16M in Computer Design of Materials

Projects will leverage lab expertise in materials and HPC to develop software for designing new materials for electronics, renewable energy and more.


SHARP: A Ptychography App

A new CAMERA app quickly turns high-throughput "imaging by diffraction" datasets into the sharpest 3D images ever produced.


Cost-Effective Fuel Cells

Researchers using NERSC demonstrated how polymer electrolyte fuel cells—long favored for transportation applications—can be made to run more efficiently and produced more cost-effectively by reducing the amount of a single key ingredient: platinum.

CS Summer Students 6334hp

Summer Students

Berkeley Lab CS hosts a 12-week annual summer program that provides students with an opportunity to work on research projects under the guidance of staff from CRD, NERSC & ESnet. Earlier this month, the 2016 class presented posters showcasing their work. Here are a few pictures from the event.