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Quantum Bits from Aluminum Nitride?

After running simulations at NERSC researchers believe it’s possible. If confirmed by experiments, this could significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing quantum technologies.

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Berkeley Lab at National Lab Day

Forty staff members from across the DOE national lab complex helped convey the labs’ contributions and achievements to Congressional members and staff April 20 during National Lab Science Day.


Sherry Li Named SIAM Fellow

CRD’s Xiaoye “Sherry” Li has been named a 2016 SIAM Fellow. She is being recognized for advances in the development of fast and scalable sparse matrix algorithms and fostering their use in large-scale scientific and engineering applications.

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Some Flaws Make Better Solar Cells

Certain defects in silicon solar cells may actually improve their performance, NREL scientists have recently found using computer simulations run at NERSC and NREL.