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Breaking the Exaop Barrier

Computational scientists from Lawrence Berkeley and Oak Ridge national laboratories and engineers from NVIDIA have, for the first time, demonstrated an exascale-class deep learning application that has broken the exaop barrier.


Quantum Testbed

Berkeley Lab will receive $30 million over five years to build and operate an Advanced Quantum Testbed. Researchers will use the testbed to explore superconducting quantum processors and evaluate how these emerging quantum devices can be utilized to advance scientific research.

QIS hp

Pushing Frontiers of Quantum Information Science

A series of DOE Office of Science awards will enable Berkeley Lab to accelerate the development of quantum computing.

Planck and CMB simhp

NERSC Recognized by NASA for Contributions to Planck Space Mission



A Big Data Center collaboration between NERSC, Intel and Cray has yielded another first in the quest to apply deep learning to data-intensive science: CosmoFlow, the first large-scale science application to use the TensorFlow framework on a CPU-based HPC platform with synchronous training.