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ExaStar whiteDwarfMerger

ExaStar Takes Astrophysical Research to the Exascale

In the ExaStar project, DOE national lab researchers are collaborating to develop new exascale-level code capable of taking computationally intensive astrophysics research to the next level.

PSII structure

Superfacility Framework Advances Photosynthesis Research

Real-time data analysis probes mysteries of key water-splitting protein complex.

Yelick rotator

Kathy Yelick to Step Down

After nearly a decade leading the Computing Sciences organization at Berkeley Lab, Yelick will step down as associate lab director at the end of December.

navy doc rotator

Berkeley Lab Team Using Deep Learning to Help VA Identify Suicide Risk in Veterans

Bisicles icesheet model

Ice Sheet Model Probes Antarctic Vulnerabilities

First full-scale, high-resolution, millennial models examine where the Antarctic Ice Sheet is vulnerable and the possible resulting contributions to sea level rise.