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Machine Learning Fuels Understanding of Materials Science

Researchers from Argonne utilized resources at NERSC to solve tough search problems and explore important questions about materials science.

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AMRex Simulation Refines Mass of Elusive Axion Particle

The simulation, run at NERSC, is one of the largest ever performed in the pursuit of understanding dark matter.

Protein Nanorods

Machine Learning Enables Biomolecular Breakthrough

Computational analysis of the motion of protein nanorods closes the loop between simulations and experimental data.

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Deep Learning for New Battery Design

Berkeley Lab and UC Irvine researchers have developed deep-learning algorithms to automate the quality control and assessment of new battery designs for electric cars.

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X-Ray Crystallography Goes Even Tinier

Scientists at Berkeley Lab have debuted a new form of X-ray crystallography for small molecules not previously conducive to investigation with the technique.

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Deeper Dive into Supernovae

An international research team recently made history by recording the earliest post-explosion detection of a Type Ia supernova, using cosmological models developed at Berkeley Lab and supercomputing resources at NERSC.

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Simulations Power Progress in Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Vehicles


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    Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences fields two highly selective named fellowships for graduates. Both the Luis W. Alvarez Fellowship in Computing and the Admiral Grace Hopper Fellowship in Computing offer exceptional opportunities for post-doctoral research. We also offer many other fellowship opportunities. Read More »

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    Current Openings

    Computing Sciences is looking for smart, motivated people from all walks of life and at all stages of their careers to work in our leading research programs and national user facilities. Read More »

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    Summer Student & Faculty Employment in Computing Sciences

    Our summer program offers college students and faculty/student teams research experience in computational science, high-performance computing, and high-speed networking in collaboration with Berkeley Lab staff. Read More »