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ElCerrito high Dataday

Big Data Day for Students

Lab Hosts El Cerrito High School IT Academy for Hands-on Data Analysis Workshop, Tour and Career Exploration

Quincy and Suren

Delivering Efficient Parallel I/O with HDF5

In this podcast, CRD's Suren Byna and NERSC's Quincey Koziol talk about delivering efficient parallel I/O with HDF5 on exascale computing systems.


Making Blockchains More Robust

In the last few years, researchers at Berkeley Lab helped to develop a new protocol, called BChain, which makes private blockchain even more robust.

DARPA Big Data

The Modern Research Data Portal

Networking experts from ESnet and Globus have designed a faster, more reliable and secure approach for sharing big data science research.

ArrayUDF 1

Big Scientific Array Data Analysis with ArrayUDF

Last year, ArryUDF helped the LIGO collaboration discover two colliding neutron stars, a never before seen cosmic event that is providing valuable insights into the origin of the universe’s heavy elements.


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    Physics Data Processing on NERSC's Cori System Dramatically Cuts Reconstruction Time

    February 15, 2018: In a recent demonstration project, physicists from Brookhaven National Laboratory and Berkeley Lab used the Cori supercomputer to reconstruct data collected from a nuclear physics experiment, an advance that could dramatically reduce the time it takes to make detailed data available for scientific discoveries. Read More »

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    The Atomic Dynamics of a Rare Magneto-Electric Matter

    February 14, 2018: By ricocheting neutrons off the atoms of yttrium manganite (YMnO3) heated to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, researchers have discovered the atomic mechanisms that give the unusual material its rare electromagnetic properties. Their work included large-scale quantum simulations run at NERSC. Read More »

  • ElCerrito high Dataday

    Lab Hosts First Data Study Trip

    February 5, 2018: On Tuesday, students from the IT Academy at El Cerrito High School took part in a special Big Data Study Trip hosted at Berkeley Lab and held by a partnership of Workforce Development and Education (WDE), EESA, NERSC… Read More »