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UK Scientific Technology Facilities Council Visits Berkeley

Staff from UK's STFC and Berkeley Lab discussed approaches for managing and analyzing data being produced by synchrotron light sources.

Treb Steefel

Lab's Exascale Projects Get Green Light

Scientists at Berkeley Lab will lead or play key roles in developing 11 critical research applications for next-generation supercomputers as part of DOE's Exascale Computing Project.


Unveiled: Earth’s Viral Diversity

Researchers at DOE's Joint Genome Institute use NERSC resources to identify 125,000 new viral sequences in environmental datasets.


DOE Invests $16M in Computer Design of Materials

Projects will leverage lab expertise in materials and HPC to develop software for designing new materials for electronics, renewable energy and more.


SHARP: A Ptychography App

A new CAMERA app quickly turns high-throughput "imaging by diffraction" datasets into the sharpest 3D images ever produced.