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New Training Videos Improve Network Performance

ESnet is partnering with the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) at the University of Oregon to make expertise available around the world.


Take a Virtual Stroll Through ESnet's 30-Year History

From dial-up modems and satellite links to today's 100 Gbps, nationwide backbone, ESnet this year celebrates 30 years of networking at the speed of science.


Cryo-EM's Renaissance

In a pair of breakthrough Nature papers published last month, researchers in Eva Nogales’ Lab at UC Berkeley mapped two important protein functions in unprecedented detail. And they used supercomputers at NERSC to process and analyze the data.


Liquids and Surfaces Moving in Synergy

Berkeley Lab researchers in the Computing Sciences Division have developed a new mathematical framework that allows researchers to capture fluid dynamics at unprecedented detail.


High- Performing Hybrid

Berkeley Lab Alvarez Fellow Jarrod McClean is preparing for a quantum-classical computing future by yoking quantum processors with classical ‪HPC‬ systems into a hybrid computer.