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David Santiago 02 8256 x 5504

Quantum Controller

Like an air traffic controller, David Santiago steadily guides Berkeley Lab's Advanced Quantum Testbed through takeoffs, landings – and the occasional turbulence.

NoackCenter1variance 900x450 crop

SMARTer Beamline Data Collection

CAMERA researchers have been working with beamline scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory to develop and test SMART, a mathematical method that enables autonomous experimental decision making without human interaction.

20190816 MicroE Townhall 401 1

‘Beyond Moore’ Kicks into Gear with Town Hall

A broad cross-section of scientists held a Microelectronics Town Hall to discuss cross-disciplinary efforts in support of the Lab’s “Beyond Moore’s Law” research initiative.

20190801 CSSSP Poster Session 36

Summer Researchers Wrap Up

After a fruitful summer experience at Berkeley Lab, students had the chance to present their work to researchers, mentors, and each other.

HPC4Mfg crop

Saving Energy on the Auto Assembly Line

One of the world's largest paint manufacturers is collaborating with applied mathematicians at Berkeley Lab on models to reduce energy consumption in painting cars, the most energy-intensive step in making new cars.

2019 CSGF fellows 712x300 WS

Berkeley Lab Hosts Five CSGF Fellows in 2019

Drawing from diverse scientific and engineering disciplines, the DOE-sponsored fellows share a common interest in using computing in their research.