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Computing Sciences Summer Program New Employee Guide

Who’s Who

For day-to-day direction and guidance regarding your work, your Mentor is your first point of contact. If your mentor is not available, reach out to your Supervisor. For administrative matters, reach out to your group’s Admin.

Communication Using Slack:

You should receive an invite to the Computing Sciences Area Slack (computingsciencesarea.slack.com). There are three channels that are relevant to the Summer Program:

  • #summer-23-nersc-classes
  • #summer-guest-connect
  • #summer-program-announcements

Many groups/departments have their own Slack workspaces. Your mentor will have more information.

Email Communications

Email communication is less used/preferred within some groups but sometimes important announcements are broadcast to both Slack and email. It’s important to check it daily. Here are some mailing lists we will have set up by the start of your internship:

Summer Calendar of Events

See the CSA Summer Program website for the latest events. We encourage you to attend as many of these events as you like; most are hybrid with in-person and virtual options. You should all be on the CSA mailing list which means events will be populated in your Berkeley Lab Google calendars as well.

Google Calendar

In your LBL Google Calendar (sign in at gmail.lbl.gov, then you can navigate to the Calendar by clicking the grid icon in the upper-right), please make sure you are subscribed to the CS Summer Program calendar. If you are not, contact CS-Summer-Program-Staff@lbl.gov.

Map and Office Space

Map and Office Space


Building Access

You’ll need your badge to get into any LBL building. Depending on what room you work in you may use your badge to swipe in or may have a physical key.

Make an appointment with the site access office in the badge office to get your badge.


There are many community printers available for your use. Read instructions about using the printers in building 59. 


There are office supply cabinets located throughout building 59 and the 50 complex check with your mentor/supervisor or group admin for specific locations.


We take ergonomics very seriously. We will do what we need to do to make sure that you do not have any injury/discomfort from your workstation set-up. At some point, an ergonomist may stop by to check on you and may suggest changes to your setup.

Time Reporting

This will vary by person; some of you do not need to report time at all, and others will have to report weekly. If you are reporting weekly, make sure to fill out your LETS time card by the end of the day on Thursday. You should get an email reminder to fill out your LETS. Check with your supervisor or mentor on whether you need to report time and/or for instructions and on what project ID to charge.


The cafeteria is closed until 2027; the only on-site food options are available at the daily food truck (see map above), sometimes with online order-ahead (see food.lbl.gov).


Always lock your terminal and close your door when leaving for an extended period. Do not leave DOE-tagged equipment unattended.