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Lin Lin, 2011 Alvarez Fellow

September 22, 2011


Lin Lin

As a 2011 Luis W. Alvarez Fellow, Lin Lin will apply mathematical tools to solve real world problems in computational physics, chemistry and material science. He is specifically interested in the electronic structure analysis of complex materials.

"I have been fascinated by computational mathematics since I attended the 'Mathematical Contest in Modeling' during my sophomore year of college," says Lin. "I was amazed by the power of computational mathematics, which makes quantitative predictions of various phenomena that are beyond the capability of analytical calculations."

A native of Qingdao, China, Lin completed his undergraduate education at the School of Mathematics at Peking University in 2007. Shortly after, he came to the United States to tudy in the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University.

"I decided to apply for the Alvarez fellowship because it gives me the freedom to focus on research that I am interested in.  It also makes a lot of sense because I share very similar research interests with many Berkeley Lab scientists and UC Berkeley professors," says Lin, who enjoys traveling and photography in his spare time.

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