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CS Staff Share IDEAs on Equity, Accountability

August 20, 2019

Margie Wylie, mwylie@lbl.gov

Last week, Computing Sciences joined other satellite locations around the lab participating in a call for thoughts on equity, the “e” in Berkeley Lab’s IDEA. CS Staff were encouraged to share their thoughts anonymously via a sticky-notes station set up in the lobby of Building 59.

Sowmya Balasubramanian

Sowmya Balasubramanian of ESnet writes a few words about equity in the workplace during last week's IDEA campaign. (Credit: Margie Wylie/Berkeley Lab)


On Wednesday, August 28, the focus will be on accountability. CS staff are encouraged to anonymously share their thoughts (in 10 words or less) on this question: "What is one thing you can do to be accountable for accountability on your team?"  

Once again, staff may post a sticky note response in the Building 59 lobby. Or, choose one of three other ways to make their voices heard:

  • In the cafeteria, write a response and stick it on the inclusion window in the lobby.
  • Text LABIDEA to 22333 once, then text a response.
  • Visit https://pollev.com/labidea and answer the question.

The responses will be collated and shared on the Berkeley Lab employee news platform, Elements.

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