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Exascale Computing Campaign

February 7, 2020

From precision medicine to cybersecurity, exascale computers will have a profound impact on everyday life. These systems will perform a quintillion (the number 1 followed by 18 zeros) calculations per second, that’s almost 50 times faster than today’s fastest supercomputers. With this capability, scientists will be able to quickly analyze massive volumes of data and realistically simulate the complex processes behind the fundamental forces of the universe.

To ensure that scientists make the most of this resource, Berkeley Lab researchers are working to develop software and scientific applications for these next-generation systems. Over the next few weeks, be featuring some of these people and projects. Learn more about exascale research at Berkeley Lab. 



ECP Milestones Meeting


NESAP Program

Profile: Laurie Stephey

Podcast: NWChem



Profile: Rahulkumar Gayatri

Profile: Brian Friesen

Podcast: Pagoda Project 



Profile: Chin Guok


Profile: Oscar Anterpara

ECP Math Libraries



Profile: Don Wilcox

Berkeley GW Code




Profile: Revathi Jambunathan



About Computing Sciences at Berkeley Lab

High performance computing plays a critical role in scientific discovery. Researchers increasingly rely on advances in computer science, mathematics, computational science, data science, and large-scale computing and networking to increase our understanding of ourselves, our planet, and our universe. Berkeley Lab’s Computing Sciences Area researches, develops, and deploys new foundations, tools, and technologies to meet these needs and to advance research across a broad range of scientific disciplines.