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Andrew Myers

How AMReX is Influencing the Exascale Landscape

October 12, 2021

Andrew Myers — a computer systems engineer in Berkeley Lab’s Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering and a member of the AMReX core development team — looks at the influence of the AMReX software framework on a broad spectrum of scientific applications, both within ECP and outside the ECP program. Read More »

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Summer Students Use AMReX to Study Cancer Cell Migration

October 11, 2021

As part of Berkeley Lab's 2021 Computing Sciences Summer Program, a team of undergrads led by senior scientist Ann Almgren got a little closer to understanding how groups of cancer cells may respond to different kinds of forces. Read More »

Humorous robot cartoon diagram

Deep Learning Tactics Speed Quantum Simulations

October 4, 2021

Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley researchers are using an AI technique called reinforcement learning to optimize quantum simulations and speed the time it takes to create and test different quantum architecture designs. Read More »

Osman Malik

New Alvarez Fellow Eyes New Applications for Math and ML

September 29, 2021

Osman Malik, the newest Berkeley Lab Alvarez Fellow, joined the the Applied Math and Computational Research Division's Scalable Solvers Group on September 1. Read More »

Quantum processor unit image

Raising the Bar in Error Characterization for Qutrit-Based Quantum Computing

September 20, 2021

A team of experimental physicists at the Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) demonstrated an error characterization method—randomized benchmarking (RB)—on a superconducting qutrit quantum processor. Read More »

David Skinner

In Memoriam: David Skinner

September 15, 2021

David Skinner, a gifted and highly regarded member of NERSC and the high performance computing community for more than 20 years, passed away unexpectedly in late August. Read More »

Berkeley Lab logo

Berkeley Lab Team Wins DOE Sustainability Award

September 7, 2021

Berkeley Lab’s ISO 50001 implementation team has received a 2021 U.S. Department of Energy Sustainability Award in the "Innovative Approach to Sustainability" category. Read More »

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Didem Unat Named SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing

September 1, 2021

Didem Unat, Berkeley Lab’s 2012 Luis Alvarez Fellow in Computing Sciences, is the 2021 ACM SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing award winner. Read More »

quantum network3

Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, Caltech to Build Quantum Network Testbed

August 31, 2021

Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley will be home to a cutting-edge quantum network testbed, thanks to a new five-year, $12.5 million funding award from the U.S. Department of Energy. Read More »

Artistic representation of a network across a night-view world map

U.S. Department of Energy to Provide $6 Million for Research on Advanced Networking

August 19, 2021

This week, the U.S. Department of Energy announced a plan to fund five projects in basic research to advance 5G wireless networking for science applications. One of those projects is the “Large-scale, Self-driving 5G Network for Science” led by ESnet Research Scientist Mariam Kiran. Read More »