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Berkeley Lab Amplifies Power and Usability of Quantum Computing

June 14, 2021

Strides in quantum computing software developed at Berkeley Lab are opening up new possibilities for scientific breakthroughs. Read More »

Study of Harvey Flooding Aids in Quantifying Climate Change

June 9, 2021

How much do the effects of climate change contribute to extreme weather events? A new study investigated the question for one particular element of one significant storm: Hurricane Harvey. Read More »

Two CRD Researchers Receive 2021 Early Career Awards

June 8, 2021

Robert Saye, a scientist in CRD’s Mathematics group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and Ariful Azad, an affiliate scientist in CRD’s Performance and Algorithms Research group and assistant professor of intelligent systems engineering at Indiana University, have each received 2021 Early Career Research Program awards from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. Read More »

CIGAR 'Smokes Out' Attacks on Solar Electrical Power Equipment

June 7, 2021

While the need for security in the power grid is clear, cybersecurity has typically been “bolted on” in a piecemeal fashion after the fact, rather than designed in from the outset. Enter the Cybersecurity via Inverter-Grid Automatic Reconfiguration (CIGAR) project, a recently completed Berkeley Lab effort aimed at providing security protections for emerging power systems. Read More »

Computing Sciences Summer Program Kicks Off this Week

June 2, 2021

The 2021 Computing Sciences (CS) Area Summer Program kicked off on Tuesday, June 1 with a presentation from David Brown, director of the Computational Research Division, welcoming the participants and introducing them to the agenda for this year's program. Read More »

Berkeley Lab Deploys Next-Gen Supercomputer, Perlmutter, Bolstering U.S. Scientific Research

May 27, 2021

NERSC today formally unveiled the first phase of its next-generation supercomputer, Perlmutter, at a virtual event that included government dignitaries, industry leaders, and Dr. Perlmutter himself. Read More »

Self-Supervised ML Adds Depth, Breadth & Speed to Sky Surveys

May 11, 2021

Sky surveys are invaluable for exploring the universe, but they are also one of the largest data generators in science. A team of researchers from Berkeley Lab is finding success in a new approach: self-supervised representation learning. Read More »

Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C and Halve the Land Ice Contribution to Sea Level this Century

May 5, 2021

A new study predicts that a major contributor to sea-level rise – melting land ice – could be halved this century (from today to 2100) if we meet the Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. This work combines nearly 900 simulations, including some of Berkeley Lab Computational Scientist Dan Martin's BISICLES models of Antarctic ice sheets. Read More »

Continuing Arecibo’s Legacy

April 21, 2021

Through its affiliation with the Engagement and Performance Operations Center, ESnet is part of a multi-institutional partnership formed to safely transfer over three petabytes of data from 50 years of Arecibo Observatory sky scans. Read More »

CS Area Hosts Inaugural Mid-Career Workshop

April 13, 2021

Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences held its inaugural Mid-Career Development Training workshop to help research and technical staff with 10-15 years' experience transition to more senior roles. Read More »