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Meet Helen Xu, 2022 Hopper Fellow

October 27, 2022

Helen Xu begins her role as Berkeley Lab’s new Grace Hopper Fellow. Established in 2015, this prestigious fellowship aims to develop young computer and computational scientists to make outstanding contributions to HPC applications.  Read More »

NERSC Summer Student Puts MPI Under the Microscope

October 25, 2022

This summer, as part of the Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences Summer Program, Muna Tageldin developed a microbenchmark to analyze variances in message-passing interface (MPI) performance on NERSC systems and look for the best statistical methods to characterize the results. Read More »

Five CS Staff Honored With Berkeley Lab Director Achievement Awards

October 20, 2022

Five Computing Sciences Area employees will accept the Director’s Award for Exceptional Achievement at a ceremony on November 10. The CS Area award recipients are David Brown, Marcus Noack, Talita Perciano, Silvia Crivelli, and Michael Wehner. Read More »

ESnet Launches Next-Generation Network to Enhance Collaborative Science

October 11, 2022

ESnet has formally unveiled ESnet6, the newest generation of the U.S. Department of Energy’s high-performance network dedicated to science. Read More »

Exabiome Brings Metagenomics Into the Exascale Era

October 10, 2022

Over the past seven years, the Berkeley Lab-led Exabiome project developed novel software tools that allow researchers to harness the power of cutting-edge high performance computers (and now exascale supercomputers) to solve previously infeasible problems in metagenomics. Read More »

GraphBLAST Targets GPU Graph Analytics Performance Issues

October 6, 2022

GraphBLAST, a new graph framework developed by researchers at Berkeley Lab and UC Davis, enhances the performance of the popular GraphBLAS collection of graph algorithm building blocks by overcoming design and performance challenges specific to GPU processors. Read More »

Sharing a Common Data Format for Neurophysiology

October 4, 2022

A team of researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), in collaboration with several experimental and computational neuroscientists, recently published their novel software package, Neurodata Without Borders (NWB), in the journal eLife. Read More »

Berkeley Lab Researchers Honored with Best Paper Award at QCE22

September 28, 2022

For the third year running, Berkeley Lab researchers snagged the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE22) Best Paper award. Read More »

A Summer at Berkeley Lab Spurs College Student’s Quantum Computing Aspirations

September 21, 2022

After two months interning at Berkeley Lab, quantum information science and technology have moved to the top of this college senior's list. Read More »

Quantum Computing Captivates NERSC Summer Student

September 12, 2022

For Dhilan Nag, a high school student from Texas, spending the summer working with NERSC developing hybrid classical-quantum algorithms has been inspirational. Read More »