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Berkeley Lab Plays Major Role in Developing the DOE Vision for AI

June 12, 2023

Berkeley Lab’s Computing Sciences Area leadership and staff were instrumental in developing the U.S. Department of Energy's vision for AI, detailed in a new report released today. Read More »

NERSC Supports First All-GPU Full-Scale Physics Simulation

June 6, 2023

Using supercomputers at NERSC, researchers have completed a simulation of a detector of neutrino interactions that’s designed to run exclusively on graphics processing units (GPUs)—the first simulation of its kind and an example of using GPUs’ highly parallel structure to process large amounts of physical data. Read More »

Berkeley Lab Celebrates 20 Years of the Alvarez Fellowship

June 6, 2023

This year, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is celebrating yet another milestone: the 20th anniversary of the Luis W. Alvarez Fellowship in Computing Sciences. Read More »

Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences Takes Novel Approach to Science Workforce Development and Diversity

May 31, 2023

The Sustainable Research Pathways (SRP) program has been connecting students from underrepresented communities and institutions to scientists and staff at Berkeley Lab for nearly a decade to facilitate research collaborations and bolster workforce development and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Read More »

CSA Summer Program Welcomes a Record 180 Participants

May 23, 2023

The Computing Sciences Area (CSA) Summer Program kicks off on June 6 with a record-breaking 180 participants. Read More »

Berkeley Lab’s Novel Method for Modeling Fluids at the Mesoscale

May 22, 2023

Recently, Berkeley Lab researchers developed a continuum FHD model that efficiently harnesses the power of cutting-edge exascale supercomputers to simulate the transport phenomenai n fluid mixtures. Read More »

NERSC and the HPC Community Bid Farewell to Cori Supercomputer

May 17, 2023

After nearly seven years of service, thousands of user projects, and tens of billions of compute hours, the Cori supercomputer will be retired at the end of May. Read More »

Quantum-Inspired Artwork Unveiled

April 18, 2023

For World Quantum Day on April 14, Berkeley Lab’s Computing Sciences Area (CSA) celebrated the interdisciplinary collaboration between the Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) at Berkeley Lab and the California-based contemporary visual artist Benjamin Arizmendi. Read More »

Quantum Evolution

April 13, 2023

A leading expert in quantum computing, Bert de Jong discusses why quantum computing matters, where it is today, and the potential of this emerging technology to change science. Read More »

Computational Modeling Streamlines Hunt for Battery Electrolytes

April 11, 2023

Using computing resources at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), researchers from the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research have identified new, more efficient ways to find improved electrolytes for batteries. Read More »