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ESnet Staff to Share Views, Expertise at International Networking Conference

January 4, 2013

Twice a year, networking staff from ESnet and Internet2 host an international meeting known as the Joint Techs Meeting, but about once every five years, they combine the meeting with the Asia Pacific Advanced Network's (APAN) meeting. The combined meeting, called TIP2013, will be held Jan. 13-18 in Honolulu and is hosted by the University of Hawaii.By bringing these meetings together into one location approximately every five years, TIP2013 encourages greater global dialogue, facilitates… Read More »

Can We Accurately Model Fluid Flow in Shale?

January 3, 2013

Over 20 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, a third of the United States’ total reserves, are thought to be trapped in shale, but producers still rely on models developed years ago. Read More »

ESnet, Infinera Successfully Test Innovative Approach for Guiding Large Data Flows

December 19, 2012

ESnet staff at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory joined Infinera, a manufacturer of high capacity optical transmission equipment, to demonstrate a prototype SDN Open Transport Switch (OTS) capable of dynamically controlling bandwidth services at the optical layer. Read More »

NERSC Helps Develop Next-Gen Batteries

December 18, 2012

To reduce the United States’ reliance on foreign oil and lower consumer energy costs, the Department of Energy (DOE) is bringing together five national laboratories, five universities and four private firms to revolutionize next-generation battery performance. Read More »

Wes Bethel is ACM Distinguished Scientist

December 12, 2012

Wes Bethel, leader of the Visualization Group in the Computational Research Division, has been named an ACM Distinguished Scientist. Read More »

Kathy Yelick Named ACM Fellow

December 11, 2012

Associate Lab Director for Computing Sciences Kathy Yelick has been named a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Read More »

Novel Tools and a Pharmaceutical Screening Strategy to Capture CO²

December 6, 2012

Today, crystalline porous materials, like zeolites and metal organic frameworks (MOFs), are widely used in industry to purify water and separate gases, among other things. But scientists believe that these structures have the potential to do a lot more—like capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flue-gas emissions of coal-burning power plants before it reaches the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. Until recently, one of the major challenges to using these materials for CO2… Read More »

John Shalf Is Named Chief Technology Officer for NERSC

December 5, 2012

John Shalf has been named the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) by NERSC Director Sudip Dosanjh. Read More »

Study Strengthens Link Between Climate Change, Human Activities

November 29, 2012

New research shows some of the clearest evidence yet of a discernible human influence on atmospheric temperature. Published online in the Nov. 29 early edition of the Proceedings of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the study compared 20 of the latest climate models against 33 years of satellite data. When human factors were included in the models, they followed the pattern of temperature changes observed by satellite. When the same simulations were run without considering human… Read More »

Edison Phase 1 Arrives at NERSC

November 27, 2012

Phase 1 of NERSC's newest supercomputer, named Edison, was delivered on November 27, 2012. The architecture is a Cray XC30 ("Cascade") and it will be installed in two phases. When it is fully installed in 2013, Edison will have a peak performance of more than 2 petaflops (1015 floating point operations per second). The integrated storage system will have more than 6 petabytes of storage with an I/O bandwidth of 140 gigabytes per second. The system is named  after U.S. inventor and … Read More »