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Berkeley Lab, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center to Study Network Congestion

July 23, 1997

For all the Internet users who wonder why e-mail sometimes bogs down or it takes so long to call up a favorite Web site, a new study by computer scientists in Berkeley and Pittsburgh may turn up some answers. According to Vern Paxson of Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the year-long study funded by the National Science Foundation could help with troubleshooting problems on the Internet and eventually give users a method to rate the offerings of Internet service providers. Read More »

Berkeley Lab's Math Department Crosses, Stretches Boundaries

June 23, 1997

When it comes to boundaries, Berkeley Lab’s Mathematics Department usually straddles them, often blurs them and frequently stretches them to new levels. For example, the group has one foot planted firmly on the Hill in the Computing Sciences organization and the other on the UC Berkeley campus. The nature of the math department’s work comes down firmly in both the camps of mathematics and scientific computing. And in carrying out their applied math research, members of the department… Read More »