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Applied Mathematics & Computational Research

The Applied Mathematics and Computational Research Division (AMCR) conducts research and development in mathematical modeling and simulation, algorithm design, computer system architecture, and high-performance software implementation. We collaborate directly with scientists across LBNL, the Department of Energy, and industry to solve some of the world’s most challenging computational and data management and analysis problems in a broad range of scientific and engineering fields, including materials science, biology, climate modeling, astrophysics, fusion science, and many others. We also develop advanced capabilities for scientific data understanding through visualization and analytics. We perform research in high-performance computing (HPC) technology for extreme-scale computing systems, including research into performance optimization, performance analysis, benchmarking, and performance engineering of scientific applications, compilers, operating systems, and runtime systems. We also perform research in cloud computing, workflow tools, scheduling, computational frameworks, and distributed systems.  Our products range from peer-reviewed scientific publications to scientific research codes to end-to-end computational and data analysis capabilities that enable scientists and engineers to address complex and large-scale technical challenges.

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