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Robert Saye, 2013 Luis W. Alvarez Fellow

September 22, 2013

As the 2013 Luis Alvarez Fellow in Computing Sciences, Robert Saye will be developing numerical methods and computational tools for studying a wide range of problems involving multiple evolving interfaces. These problems include modeling how grains develop in metallic and ceramic materials, studying the fluid dynamics of multi-cellular structures in complex geometries, and modeling the multi-scale dynamics of liquid foams. His methods will also have applications in multi-region shape optimization and image segmentation. Read More »

Special Feature: Energy - The Spark that Ignited DOE Supercomputing

September 16, 2013

In honor of DOE’s supercomputing month, here are just a few of the energy research projects computing at NERSC. Read More »

Special Feature: Five Questions for Berkeley Lab's CRD Director

September 13, 2013

In honor of DOE's supercomputing month, we asked Computational Research Division Director David Brown five questions about how applied math is making supercomputers even more powerful tools for scientific discovery. Read More »

Special Feature: Reducing Energy Costs with Better Batteries

September 9, 2013

A better battery—one that is cheap and safe, but packs a lot of power—could lead to an electric vehicle that performs better than today’s gasoline-powered cars, and costs about the same or less to consumers. Read More »

NERSC Calculations Provide Independent Confirmation of Global Land Warming Since 1901

September 9, 2013

Scientists report that land surface air temperatures estimated using a number of historical observations largely match the existing temperature measurements spanning the years 1901 to 2010. Read More »

Special Feature: Five Questions for ESnet's Greg Bell

September 6, 2013

This month, DOE is celebrating scientific supercomputing. In honor of this, Greg Bell answers questions about the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) -- the high-speed, nationwide network interconnecting all DOE Labs, sites and facilities. Read More »

Special Feature: Throwback Thursdays Celebrate Scientific Supercomputing

September 5, 2013

This month, DOE is celebrating scientific supercomputing. On "throwback Thursdays," we are looking back at NERSC’s long history with photos and factoids from our archives. Read More »

Applying Graph Theory to Biofuels Research

September 4, 2013

With support from a DOE Early Career Award, Berkeley Lab Computational Researcher Aydın Buluç will develop faster and more energy-efficient data-mining algorithms in the quest for new biofuels. Read More »

Katie Antypas Named New Head of NERSC Services Department

September 3, 2013

Katie Antypas, who has led NERSC’s User Services Group since October 2010, has been named as the new Services Department Head, effective September 23. Read More »

September is Scientific Supercomputing Month

September 3, 2013

This month, DOE is celebrating scientific supercomputing. So we are highlighting how research done at Berkeley Lab and NERSC is changing the world. We'll also look back at NERSC’s long history with photos from our archives and some Q&As. Read More »