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CSA Strategic Plan

Reviewed by an international committee of experts, the Computing Sciences Area 2019 Strategic Plan outlines a vision and the objectives and motivations for three strategic initiatives that will address the greatest needs and provide the greatest impact for the DOE research community over the next five years: Learning for Science, Beyond Moore, and the Superfacility model.

These three interconnected initiatives will build on existing activities in research and systems for modeling and simulation as well as experimental and observational science to harness the expertise and resources of our three divisions — NERSC, ESnet, and CRD — and deliver on our vision for the future of science.

In today’s research ecosystem, computation and mathematics are essential to scientific discovery. Over the next five years, their roles will continue to grow as the scientific process becomes increasingly automated, distributed, and reproducible.

2019 CS Strategic Plan Review Team

Members of the strategic plan review committee were, left to right: Tony Hey (Science & Technology Facilities Council, UK), Petros Koumoutsakos (ETH Zurich), Leslie Greengard (New York University), Frank Alexander, (Brookhaven National Laboratory), David Mountain (LPS, Department of Defense), Larry Smarr (University of California San Diego), Lori Diachin, chair (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Vivek Sarkar (Georgia Tech), Barney Maccabe (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Valerie Taylor (Argonne National Laboratory), Ilkay Altintas (San Diego Supercomputing Center), Daniel Katz (National Center for Supercomputing Applications), Margaret Martonosi (Princeton), Thomas Schultess (ETH Zurich), Aric Hagberg (Los Alamos National Laboratory)