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Craig Tull Retires After 38 Years at Berkeley Lab

June 16, 2020

After 38 years at Berkeley Lab, Craig Tull will retire this month from his role as head of CRD's Physics and X-Ray Science Computing Group. Read More »

After 18 Years, Betsy MacGowan Retires from Berkeley Lab

June 15, 2020

After 18 years at Berkeley Lab, CSA Safety Coordinator Betsy MacGowan retires this month. Read More »

CRD's Strohmaier Retiring After Nearly 20 Years at Berkeley Lab

June 11, 2020

CRD's Erich Strohmaier Retiring After Nearly 20 Years at Berkeley Lab Read More »

Reassessing the Global Dataset of Wave Climate Projections

June 8, 2020

Supercomputing resources at NERSC are helping researchers better understand how global and regional wave conditions may evolve under climate change. Read More »

Can CT Scans Be Used to Quickly and Accurately Diagnose COVID-19?

June 1, 2020

Berkeley Lab data scientist Daniela Ushizima is exploring whether image recognition algorithms and a data analysis pipeline can help accurately distinguish COVID-19 abnormalities in CT scans and chest X-rays from other overlapping respiratory illnesses. Read More »

CS Area’s 2020 Summer Student Program Goes Virtual

May 28, 2020

Like many organizations adjusting to a changing work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, Berkeley Lab’s Computing Sciences Area is transforming its 2020 summer student program into an entirely virtual experience. Read More »

Computing Sciences Welcomes New Alvarez Fellow, Aditi Krishnapriyan

May 18, 2020

A long-distance runner for many years, Aditi Krishnapriyan – the latest postdoctoral researcher to be awarded the prestigious Alvarez Fellowship – brings a well-honed energy and intensity to her new position in the Computational Research Division. Read More »

NERSC One of Early Adopters of New GPU Processor

May 14, 2020

The next-gen Perlmutter supercomputer will enhance simulation, data processing, and machine learning applications for NERSC's diverse science user community. Read More »

NERSC’s Katie Antypas Steps Into New Role at Exascale Computing Project

May 8, 2020

NERSC's Katie Antypas will serve as ECP's new Director for the Hardware & Integration Focus Area Read More »

Machine Learning Could Provide Unexpected Scientific Insights into COVID-19

April 29, 2020

A new text-mining tool developed at Berkeley Lab and supported by NERSC supercomputing resources is using natural language processing techniques that could yield unexpected scientific insights into COVID-19. Read More »